League of Legends devs rush out Vex nerfs as new mage dominates on release

Riot Games

Vex is a bit too gloomy for Summoner’s Rift ⁠— the new League of Legends mage is getting a hotfix nerf within 24 hours of her launch. Her damage has proven to be too much in the mid-game, with the developers reigning her in.

Vex absorbed a bit too much of the Black Mist when she sauntered into the Shadow Isles for the first time, it seems.

While players are still getting a handle of the Gloomist, League of Legends’ newest champion has landed remarkably strong.

Vex launched on LoL patch 11.19 with a 50.67% win rate in the first 24 hours, which is a far cry from the likes of Akshan ⁠— who launched with 34% win rate.

Vex, the Gloomist, will finally make her LoL debut this update cycle.Riot Games
Vex is getting a quick hotfix nerf after launching too strong in League of Legends patch 11.19.

Her positive win rate, so early into her release, has forced Riot to quickly patch Vex with a flurry of hotfix nerfs on September 24.

“She came out a bit stronger than we’d like,” developer Tim ‘Truexy’ Jiang admitted on Twitter.

Vex hotfix nerfs her mid and late-game damage

Riot has targeted Vex’s passive primarily and its high damage later into the game. Both the base and AP scaling is being hit with slight nerfs so that she can’t just nuke champions by constantly reapplying it in late-game fights.

Her Q, Mistral Bolt, is also being nerfed in an attempt to tune back her high waveclear, especially in the mid-game.

As players still learn how to play Vex, it’s likely her win rate will continue to increase. However, the hotfix nerfs should mean that her dominance will be capped.

Riot will be keeping an eye on how these changes land, and may consider further changes if they are required ⁠— either as another hotfix or in League patch 11.20.

You can find the full list of changes shipping in Vex’s hotfix nerf below.

Vex hotfix changes in League of Legends patch 11.19

Passive: Doom ‘n’ Gloom

  • Damage: 30-180 (+25% AP) >>> 30-140 (+20% AP)

Q: Mistral Bolt

  • Base damage: 60/110/160/210/260 >>> 60/106/150/195/240