Vel’Koz gets visual overhaul in League Season 12 update

Vel'kozRiot Games

Riot Games are visually updating The Eye of the Void Vel’Koz early in League of Legends Season 12, with a focus on making his hitboxes more accurate and giving his spells a bit more shine.

League of Legends developer Riot Games has steadily been introducing VFX updates to some of the older champions in the long-running MOBA.

We’ve seen visual updates for Varus, Vayne, Sona, and a handful of others in Riot’s quest to improve clarity with abilities on Summoner’s Rift.

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Now, it’s Vel’Koz’s time to shine as his base skin and other cosmetics are getting some love.

All of Vel’Koz’s spells are getting visual updates.

Vel’Koz visual update improves clarity

Riot Sirhaian is heading up the mage’s update, as he has for the other champion visual upgrades.

Sirhaian clarified in a Reddit post that the design update is looking to “adjust some of his less accurate hitbox indicators.”

This includes an update to make his E projectile more visible and his recall animation more “modern-void.”

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Also updated is his iconic ultimate ability, Life Form Disintegration Ray, which now has a more defined center and clearer outer hitbox.

His Q missile now sports an adjusted width as well as an overhauled visual effect with brighter colors, and his W spell now has an updated animation with a clearer hitbox.

Skin changes in Season 12

Here are all of the skins that will receive changes:

  • Base
  • Arclight
  • Battlecast
  • Infernal
  • Blackfrost

The changes aren’t finalized just yet, as Sirhaian is still taking feedback from players in the Reddit post where Riot announced the update.

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Vel’Koz’s visual update is being tested on League’s PBE for patch 12.3