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Tyler1 wants more champions like Zoe after scary Fiddlesticks teaser

Published: 14/Mar/2020 18:28

by Daniel Cleary


Twitch streamer Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp called for champions similar to Zoe to be introduced to League of Legends following the latest Fiddlesticks rework teaser.

Tyler1 is one of the most popular content creators for League of Legends and is often vocal about the types of in-game changes he wants to see.

After it was revealed that Fiddlesticks would be getting a rework, Riot dropped a new teaser hinting at some of the champ’s potential changes, however, Tyler1 did not seem too excited about the addition of more terrifying champions in League of Legends.

Riot Games
Tyler1 was not too pleased with Riot Games’ latest LoL trailer.

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The popular streamer reacted to Riot’s latest teaser on March 13, which was titled ‘Terror in Demacia’ and was left terrified after falling victim to a jump scare in the clip.


“Listen Riot, hey fellas I don’t do horror games anymore okay, I resigned, If you’re going to start adding sh*t like this to League, I’m going to f**king retire,” he said, calling for them to ease off on the horror.

“Don’t bother, I don’t need this sh*t, seriously, I am 25 years old now, my heart can literally not take this sh*t,” Tyler1 jokingly added.

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The League of Legends star continued that he would much prefer some more bubbly or “weeby” champions added to the game instead.

“Can I have more champs like Zoe please, please make more champs like Zoe,” he requested, calling for some of the more lighthearted and fun characters to be added.


Zoe in League of Legends
Riot Games
Zoe is probably the least frightning champion in all of LoL.

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Zoe is notorious for being one of the most annoying champions to play against in LoL due to her ability kit, so Tyler1’s request did not sit well with many of his viewers.

However, apart from Tyler, many of Riot’s fans have had a positive reaction to the latest Fiddlesticks teaser, so there’s no chance they’ll be changing things around for the streamer.