Tyler1 roasts Riot’s apology for League Season 13 cinematic: “Absolute disaster”

Tyler1 talking to Twitch chatTwitch: LolTyler1

Twitch star Tyler ‘Tyler1′ Steinkamp roasted Riot Games’ apology for the League of Legends Season 13 cinematic video which fell short of the communities expectations.

Riot Games caught major backlash from the League of Legends community after releasing this Season 13 cinematic titled Brink of Infinity.

The video was panned by players and streamers for being merely a barebones shot of Summoner’s Rift with voice overlay, lacking appearances from any of the game’s iconic champions.

Tyler1 was dumbfounded by the video, and refused to believe it was even real. Now, after Riot issued an apology for the cinematic, Tyler is back to doing what he does best: roasting the company.

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Tyler1 blasts Riot’s Season 13 cinematic apology

The 27-year-old was live on January 11 when he reacted to Riot’s explanation as to why the cinematic was so underwhelming.

Tyler explained that the cinematic isn’t the specific reason Riot should be getting backlash.

“it isn’t just the trailer, it’s the entire way you’ve managed everything for the last 5 months. The whole season start was an absolute disaster. People are more pissed off because preseason is not three weeks longer, or a month long. It’s TWO months long. During that long-a** time, you guys couldn’t put together a gameplan to hype the new season.”

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He continued, “So what have you guys been doing, because there hasn’t been changes in the game… SO the least you could do is hype up the new season.”

T1 makes it quite apparent that he believes Riot has dropped the ball with their popular MOBA title way beyond just a cinematic.

With a lack of changes in-game and a cinematic that does not hype up the new season at all, Tyler and many players are worried League could be in trouble in the long run.