Tyler1 roasts “little b*tch” League opponent who earned new honor recall animation

tyler1 league of legendsRiot Games/Tyler1

Twitch star Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp brutally roasted a League of Legends player who acquired the game’s new high honor recall animation given to players who don’t flame their teammates.

In League patch 12.10, Riot Games officially introduced the new special honor recall animation given to players who reach Honor level 5 in an attempt to weed toxicity out of the popular MOBA.

The update is an effort from the company to begin rehauling the honor system, starting by rewarding players who exhibit good behavior.

However, this didn’t stop Tyler1 from roasting the very first person he saw with the badge of honor.

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tyler1 league of legends kaynTyler1, Riot Games
Tyler1 has reached Challenger rank in every role on Summoner’s Rift.

Tyler1 blasts high Honor level League opponent

The 27-year-old streamer was live on May 25 when he encountered a player for the first time who had the new Honor level 5 recall.

In classic T1 fashion, he instantly shouted out at the player who he saw as a goody two-shoes.

Tyler shouted, “Oh, is that the Honor recall? P***y! Little B***h, f**k you!”

He continued to jokingly harass the player and called him a “Slave to the system Gragas.”

He finished his sarcastic rant with, “Nice positivity, bro. Cringe!”

The star streamer is currently in South Korea in the heat of his quest to hit Challenger rank on the countries League server.

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Despite being completely reformed and shedding his previous identity as a toxic player, Tyler still sees having a high Honor level as a sign of weakness in any League player.

It’s unlikely we’ll see Tyler with the new Honor level 5 recall animation any time soon.