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Tyler1 roasts final Sentinels of Light LoL cinematic on stream

Published: 4/Aug/2021 18:33

by Lawrence Scotti


Tyler1 watched the final Sentinels of Light cinematic on stream, roasting the League of Legends event for a lackluster climax calling it a “buzzkill.”

Tyler1, the star League of Legends Twitch streamer, has been knee-deep in his newest challenge of getting to Challenger playing mid-lane. After reaching Challenger top-lane in June, mid-lane was the clear next step in his journey to getting Challenger in all five roles.

Tyler1 typically watches all the LoL cinematics on stream with his viewers, and for the climax of the Sentinels of Light event, the latest video brought some disappointment.

The Sentinels of Light event has drawn criticism for its messy story and boring grind of an event pass. Now, Tyler1 has some opinions on the events final chapter.


Viego in League of Legends
Riot Games
Viego is the face of the newest LoL event, which has fallen flat for many players.

Tyler1 mocks lackluster story

During Tyler1’s stream on August 3, he reacted to the “Absolution” video put out by Riot, which helps wrap up the storyline for the Ruination event.

Time starts 5:54

The five-minute cinematic shows Viego fight off the Sentinels and return to his deceased lover Isolde, who isn’t so happy with his rampage to bring her back to the land of the living. After Viego beats up Senna and Gwen, he brings them where Isolde’s soul will be revived. As Isolde tells Viego what he’s done is wrong, Akshan, who was hiding behind all the mess, takes his shot at her. Tyler reacted to this by saying, “Okay, no what? This whole thing was for nothing.”


Tyler points out the strangeness of the story, saying “Damn, why’d you shoot her bro? That’s incorrect. She was telling him to f**k off, first of all. So, he should’ve waited for Viego’s response. If Viego would’ve been like ‘No, you b***h, you’re coming with me anyway,’ then, *brrap brrap* light all that s**t up. His whole block light all that s**t up.

But to do it mid-speech you dumb motherf***er Akshan… you idiot.”

Viego is then swiftly defeated by the Sentinels of Light, as Gwen sews him down with her notorious blue needlework. The story’s climax goes down very quickly, and Tyler wasn’t impressed.


“That’s it? It’s over? They won?” Tyler asked his chat as Vayne, Senna and Akshan meet back up with Lucian. As the cinematic ends, Tyler says, “That was weird. I feel like that was kind of a buzzkill.”

Tyler was unimpressed by the finale of the Sentinel of Light storyline, as he and many LoL fans were left wanting more.