Tyler1 roasts Evil Geniuses’ Worlds 2022 Play-In loss to Fnatic: “I’m gonna puke”


Twitch star Tyler ‘Tyler1′ Steinkamp roasted Evil Geniuses’ performance in the opening Play-In round of Worlds 2022 and said, “I’m gonna puke.”

Evil Geniuses lost their first match of Worlds 2022 to the European squad Fnatic in a fairly devastating fashion.

The LCS club is seeking to make it past the Play-Ins and actually compete for the title at Worlds for the first time but will have to take down tons of the fierce competition in the opening round, and sadly for them, they started out with a major defeat.

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Twitch streamer Tyler1 watched the match as it happened and had some harsh words for EG.

Tyler1_2018NALCSTyler1 has over 5.1 million followers on Twitch.

Tyler1 blasts EG Worlds 2022 performance

The streamer was live on September 29 as EG fell to Fnatic in the opening round in a match that didn’t even make it to the 30-minute mark.

Tyler blasted EG’s draft, “They can’t frontline. They can’t get any vision because they have Lux support. If you don’t first pick the Lux, there’s a slight chance they don’t insta-lock Leona, they might go Lulu or something. Then, Lux is actually good.”

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Moments later, EG’s mid-laner Jojopyun gets caught out in a sidelane and gets killed, furthering Fnatic’s already enormous lead. Tyler shouted, “I’m gonna puke, bro. I’m gonna puke.”

Tyler was disappointed in both EG’s performance and how they drafted their team.

He even fell asleep on his couch during the broadcast just moments later while still claiming that “streaming is the hardest job on the planet.”

Although EG isn’t out of the tournament yet, they’ll need to pick up the slack in order to both make it past Pla-Ins and gain the respect of Tyler1.

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