Tyler1 pulls off surprisingly good Christmas MF cosplay for NYE stream

Daniel Cleary. Last updated: Jan 01, 2020
Tyler1 / Riot Games

Popular Twitch streamer Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp shocked fans after attempting to cosplay League of Legends champion Miss Fortune for his New Year’s Eve stream.

Tyler1 is one of the biggest League of Legends streamers on Twitch and has built a massive fan-base of over 2.9 million followers on his channel.

The popular streamer usually entertains fans with his high-elo gameplay and hilarious outbursts, however, for his New Year’s Eve stream, he decided to cosplay one of the most iconic in-game champions.

Riot Games
Tyler1’s attempt at the Candy Cane Miss Fortune skin surprised many fans.

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Miss Fortune is one of the most popular champions for ADC players and as a result, Riot has introduced many different skin variations for the character even including a Christmas themed one for fans to enjoy.

Tyler1 decided to take on the challenge of recreating the “Candy Cane Miss Fortune” skin to celebrate the new decade and to many fans surprise, it was not as bad as they expected it to be.

The popular streamer was dressed in a full female Santa dress and even wore a wig for the celebratory occasion.

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Despite dressing up as the popular female character, Tyler1 did not change his personality to match, still reminding fans that he was as alpha as ever, ”I look Alpha as f**k though, don’t I? Seriously?”

When his girlfriend Maicaiyla walked into the room, she noticed that Tyler was missing a key part of the cosplay and began urging him to put lipstick on for the fans.

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However, despite being willing to do the seasonal cosplay, the League of Legends star refused to go all-in with some of the finishing touches like lipstick, “I’m not wearing lipstick, I’m not wearing it Maicayla.”

Tyler1, Twitch

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Regardless of the lack of lipstick, the cosplay still surprised many of the streamer’s viewers and he even received praise for his attempt at the Miss Fortune skin.

The popular streamer has cosplayed League of Legends champions in the past, most notably when he recreated one of his favorite champions Draven for his returning stream to Twitch in January 2018.