Tyler1 perfectly baited by Riot during League Opening Day livestream

Lawrence Scotti
Riot Games/Tyler1

Twitch star Tyler1 was watching Riot’s Season 12 Opening Day live stream when the company teased a potential new skin line for League that ended up being a huge bait.

Riot Games kicked off the start of Season 12 with an epic video and tons of announcements including new champion and skin line teases.

One of League’s biggest streamers and personalities, Tyler1, was broadcasting the event on his channel when Riot teased an epic upcoming skin line, which piqued his interest and ended in disaster.

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Tyler1 baited by Riot

During the stream on January 7, Riot’s Bellissimoh teased a future skin line the company has been working on for League of Legends in Season 12.

“Set in the near future, dying Earth, humanity faces resource shortages and deadly invasion of a high-tech army,” said the Rioter.

Tyler was hyped by the tease, “I love apocalyptic s**t. It’s like a movie recap!” he said.

Bellissimoh finished, “The superpower warrior, armed with incredible technology: the Battle Bunny.”

The streamer couldn’t believe how badly he’d been baited, “Did he just do that? He made it seem epic as f**k!”

Tyler was expecting a futuristic, warrior-themed skin line and instead got exactly the opposite of that in a preview for an upcoming Battle Bunny skin line featuring big bunny ears and pastel colors.

T1 has been known to lose his mind on Riot every now and then, but this time, Riot got the last laugh.