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Tyler1 loses his mind during 24 hour stream attempt

Published: 31/Mar/2019 17:29 Updated: 31/Mar/2019 17:44

by Daniel Cleary


During one of his recent 24 hour stream attempts, popular Twitch streamer, Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp began to lose his mind after drinking his own pre workout drink.

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Tyler1 has been one of the most popular streamers on Twitch and is primarily known from playing League of Legends – where he often finds something to rage at in-game which has even resulted in him being banned from playing from the game.

He has calmed down a slight bit however, after being un-banned by Riot Games early in 2018, Tyler has gone on to attend official League of Legends events such as the All-Star’s 2018 in Las Vegas and often refers to himself as ‘reformed’ and has even has a merch collection with the phrase written across the front.


Riot gamesTyler1 attending the 2018 All Star’s event in Las Vegas

However, Tyler recently let a bit of his wild side out again during his 24 hour stream attempt on March 30, when he took a few minutes break from playing to make himself a mug of his ‘Tyler1 Bloodrush Pre Workout’ before continuing with the relentless task of climbing the League of Legends ranked system.

When he returned, after calmly sipping on his drink for a while he leaned in close to the camera, before tell his viewers that he “can feel it coursing through his blood” before sliding back in his chair letting out shrieks and growls, and then screaming into the air in attempt of promoting the drink’s effects.


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His viewers found the clip highly entertaining and some fans simply attributed his outburst due to the intensity of the League of Legends ranked play system saying, “this is what League done to you.”

Tyler has often been seen as one of the more controversial streamers on Twitch for his unpredictable personality but this clip was just an example of how much energy he puts into his streams regardless of what people think of him.