Tyler1 in denial over League Season 13 cinematic: “This can’t be real”


Twitch star Tyler1 was in denial when Riot Games released the cinematic for League Season 13 which was merely a 2-minute teaser with zero story or champions in the video, leaving him to believe there had to be more in store.

Tyler1 never hides his disdain for League of Legends developer Riot Games, as he often lambasts the company during his Twitch broadcasts.

The streamer even threatened to break his own monitor in anger before Season 12 kicked off back in 2022 after Riot claimed that they were happy with how all their champions were balanced at the time.

Now, after the Season 13 Brink of Infinity League cinematic left fans massively disappointed, even Tyler1 can’t believe Riot underdelivered this badly.

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Tyler1 stunned by Brink of Infinity League cinematic

On January 10, the 27-year-old streamer watched the new cinematic live on his Twitch channel along with his viewers.

After being massively underwhelmed by the video he immediately said, “I mean, this isn’t it. It’s not. So I imagine when ranked drops tomorrow, they’re gonna release the real one. This is like a prelude, an intro to the actual one for sure.”

T1 also said, “This can’t be real.”

He continued, “If we’re being honest, our guy Joe could do this in his bedroom with his eight-monitor setup. This isn’t it, so I’m not gonna overreact too much… I’m not coping, it’s just not it.”

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Tyler then went back and looked at the previous few years League cinematics, which was drastically higher quality than this year’s, and continued to be in denial about the video’s legitimacy.

He then added, “Let’s say hypothetically that was what they put out at the season’s start then I understand why they ‘accidentally’ got the ranked start times wrong. They’re trying to slide the season’s start under the rug. If that is the pile of s**t they’re gonna try and put out, that does no animation and does nothing, then it’s not only to the point where people need to be fired, but the game needs to be ended.”

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Clearly, Tyler is having a hard time believing Riot would actually put out a video with such low production quality to kick off a new season.