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Tyler1 explains why he can’t coach shroud in League of Legends

Published: 16/Nov/2020 11:54 Updated: 17/Nov/2020 13:59

by Alex Garton


Twitch streamer shroud asked Tyler1 to teach him League of Legends during the preseason. Tyler’s response was rather unexpected and summed up his opinion on the current state of League.

There’s no doubting shroud’s talent for shooters and the FPSs games as a whole. From CSGO to Valorant, we’ve all seen the outrageous clips of him landing shots that shouldn’t be possible to hit. However, it appears he’s toying with the idea of jumping into the MOBA genre and learn League of Legends.

League can be a rather overwhelming experience for new players looking to learn the game. That’s why it’s extremely helpful to have an expert on hand to give tips and advice. For shroud, who better to give him a helping hand with his League training than the infamous Tyler1.


Tyler1 is currently attempting to hit Challenger from the top lane.

Shroud asks Tyler1 to teach him League of Legends

A stream with Tyler1 coaching such a top shooter, this time in League of Legends, would have been brilliant content for fans. However, it doesn’t look like shroud will be receiving lessons from Tyler anytime soon. After the preseason changes, he explained on stream why he can’t teach shroud League.

He said: “League changed everything this Season and honestly, I don’t even know League and I hate the game.”

Tyler has been very outspoken in his negative opinion of the preseason changes. It’s a shame shroud didn’t ask a little earlier, as Tyler revealed he would have been happy to coach him just a short while ago. “If you would of asked me last month I would of been like sure buddy lets learn it.”


League’s preseason changes have been polarizing among the game’s community. Players are having to re-learn elements of the game and figure out what builds and strategies are optimal. This means that even League’s most experienced players are struggling to adapt to the changes.

All we can do is keep our fingers crossed Tyler familiarizes himself with the changes and starts enjoying the game again. At that point, we may finally get the shroud and Tyler1 coaching stream we all want to see.