Tyler1 defends TF Blade after controversial League “griefing” clip goes viral

Lawrence Scotti
TF Blade/Tyler1

Tyler1 reacted to a viral clip of TFBlade “griefing” a League of Legends game, calling it a “witch hunt” by Reddit and defending the fellow Twitch streamer.

Twitch star streamer Tyler1 is never one to hold back his opinion when things happen surrounding the League of Legends community. On August 4, he called the final Sentinels of Light cinematic a “buzzkill“, and said the entire storyline “was for nothing.”

In a clip posted to the League of Legends subreddit, TF Blade, playing Nautilus, left top lane to follow around his jungler for just under a minute, killing Red Buff and headed towards bottom lane.

The Reddit post has nearly 10k upvotes with the title “TF Blade abandons lane while smurfing to go grief his jungler for not ganking for him in the first 8 minutes,” at the time of writing.

On August 5, Tyler shared his opinions on the drama surrounding the original Reddit post.

Tyler defends TF Blade

Tyler1 came to the defense of TF Blade after watching the clip during his stream.

After watching the clip, Tyler said “I mean dude he left lane for 50 seconds. That’s it? I don’t even know the context. He left lane for 50 seconds…”

After Tyler doesn’t see why there is such a fuss over this clip, he headed to the original Reddit post and skimmed through the comments. He eventually landed on one that provided more context as to what happened that match.

“Oh, the Nidalee (player) started boots and Flashed out of the fountain… I mean, I would literally AFK.” Tyler said. Starting without the jungle item means the player can’t kill the jungle camps correctly.

Add on top of that using the summoner spell Flash right when the game begins is a clear indication of throwing the game on purpose.

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TF Blade was accused of throwing a League match on purpose in a viral post on Reddit.

Tyler then pointed out just how bad TF Blade’s teammate attempted to throw the game on purpose. “Nidalee did 739 damage in 20 minutes, and finished 0/2/0. You got me f**ked up if I’m ever sitting in a game where this guy is doing 700 damage in 20 minutes.”

Tyler finished off his defense of TF Blade by saying “F**k TF Blade, but’s that’s stupid. That has to be like a witch hunt, or whatever it’s called on Reddit. It has to be. It’s completely false information, he’s getting trolled in the game so he doesn’t quit playing, which is what I would f**kin’ do, he still actively plays the game. The f**k, so stupid. ”

Tyler1 is by no means a fan of TF Blade, but in this instance, he came to the fellow streamer’s defense as Tyler saw the attacks on TF Blade via the Reddit thread as undeserved.