Tyler1 claims bad League teammates made him “physically ill”

Lawrence Scotti

Twitch star Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp blamed his real-life sickness on his poor performing teammates during a League of Legends stream.

Tyler1 is the biggest League of Legends streamer on all of Twitch. He’s become so big that even Riot Games themselves delivered him customized gifts after he completed his Challenger series.

Although T1 has loved League for a long time, he’s also become known to flame his teammates from time to time.

Now, he’s taken it one step further, and actually blamed them for becoming sick outside the game.

Tyler1 talking to Twitch chat
Twitch: LolTyler1
Tyler1 has over 4 million followers on Twitch.

Tyler1 blasts League teammates who made him sick

The 27-year-old was live on August 4 when he claimed that an illness he encountered in real life was due to the bad League players he’s paired with and against.

He said, “I think players on my game when they play bad are physically making me sick. The Braum we played with yesterday and the Graves we played with earlier, I think they’re affecting my health.”

He also claimed it could be “just a coincidence,” but he did notice after watching a bad Braum player made him have a legitimate headache. The next day he played with a Graves player and encountered a stomach ache soon after.

Tyler1 has had some pretty harsh things to say about League players over the years, but now, their poor performances are starting to actually make him feel bad not just in the game but in reality.

Hopefully, for Tyler, Riot can start granting him higher quality teammates now that he’s Challenger in every role.