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Tyler1 burns Cody Sun for trolling during League of Legends match

Published: 15/Nov/2019 17:24

by Jacob Hale


Popular League of Legends streamer Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp has hit out at Dignitas bot laner Sun ‘Cody Sun’ Li-Yu for trolling during a League of Legends ranked match on stream.

Tyler has never been one to shy away from drama or controversy, opting not to follow the family-friendly route that many content creators have and instead staying true to himself and the character he has portrayed in his streams since he got started in May 2014.

That’s why it almost came as no surprise when he sent Cody Sun an open message during a ranked League of Legends match due to Cody’s behavior throughout it.

While playing alongside Cody and 100 Thieves Academy jungler Andy ‘AnDa’ Hoang, Tyler1 was starting to get impatient with their trolling – and decided to address the problem immediately.

Tyler1/TwitchTyler1 was banned from League of Legends for almost 2 years for toxicity from 2016-2018.

Typing in the game chat, Tyler said: “Why are we trolling?” while also shouting the same sentence down his microphone for his viewers.

Cody Sun replied almost instantly, saying “because it’s fun,” which just angered Tyler further, who came back with “Is not winning a game at Worlds fun?”

This was a potentially nerve-hitting reference to Cody Sun’s appearance at the League of Legends World Championships in 2018, in which he and his 100 Thieves team failed to win a single match and bombed out of their group, unable to ever get the ball rolling or find any momentum.

This response was clearly not something Cody sun was prepared for or wanted to hear, as all he could come back with was “lol.”

“Yeah,” Tyler responded. “So focus up.”

Cody never responded to Tyler’s final message, perhaps at a loss for words. Though they went on to win the match, Tyler was still evidently displeased, saying “No wonder you went 0-6 at Worlds, you’re trolling,” once they had finally seen off the opponents.

Even though they won the match, it took Tyler a while to cool off and get over Cody’s decision to not destroy the enemy Nexus, and its likely Cody will be trying to avoid Tyler like the plague in online matches from now on, at risk of being put in his place again.

At least we know that even the best players get frustrated with trolls at times, and everybody falls victim to it at some point; although, not many of us fall victim to it at the hands of pro players.


Players share hilarious reaction to PS5 restock selling out in seconds

Published: 19/Nov/2020 23:33

by Brent Koepp


“PlayStation 5 restock” trended on Twitter after stores sold out of the Sony console in literally seconds on November 19. Players took to social media to voice their frustrations.

Ever since its launch, Sony’s PlayStation 5 has been this holiday’s hottest item. Stores across the world can’t keep the next-gen console in stock, and consumers are desperate to get their hands on one.

On November 19, stores like Walmart announced a restock of the PS5. Only, they sold out in seconds. Angry players left empty handed were stunned and frustrated by the disastrous availability – and vented their feelings online, as you do.

PlayStation 5 console and its retail box.
Stores are having trouble keeping PlayStation 5 in stock.

Gamers rage out after PS5 restock disaster

A similar story played out for many attempting to buy Sony’s next-gen console. Consumers were able to add the coveted hardware to their basket, only to be greeted by Walmart’s “oh deer” crash screen, made even more frustrating by displaying a photo of a smiling dog with reindeer antlers on.

Other users made it as far as entering their payment and shipping information, but by the time they clicked and confirmed their order, they were told the new PlayStation had already sold out.

On Twitter, #PS5Restock and #OhDeer began trending after the gaming community let out their rage using hilarious memes to describe the situation. Here are some of the best reactions.

PlayStation fans react

Many frustrated PlayStation fans used iconic clips from pop culture, such as Spongebob Squarepants or anime to express their anger with the restock lasting only seconds before selling out.

Other players raged out over Walmart’s now-infamous “Oh Deer” site crash screen which plagued those trying to purchase the console. The smiling dog in the Christmas outfit quickly became meme fodder, and even trended worldwide.

At the time of writing, Walmart has not made any public comment about the situation. It is also unclear when there will be another restock for the PS5. With Christmas just around the corner, the scarcity of the new console will only further fuel the demand for the hot item.

This isn’t the only time the PlayStation 5 has trended on social media over lack of stock. An hour after Sony announced pre-orders would go up 24 hours later, stores quickly broke the street date and put the next-gen hardware up for sale a day earlier than they were supposed to  – which also left many gamers frustrated.