League of Legends

Twitch streamer shares hilarious theory on how Riot Games comes up with new League of Legends champions

by Alan Bernal
Mylixia / Riot Games


League of Legends characters are diverse in style, design, and lore, but one streamer wasn’t so convinced that Riot Games put their best foot forward with the newly announced champion.


The popular MOBA, which is nearing its tenth year anniversary, revealed Sylas the Unshackled as the 143rd champion-to-be. The reveal video showed off Sylas’s many abilities and gave fans a peek into his deeper lore motives, and not all were impressed.

Former CEO of Counter Logic Gaming, Devin ‘Mylixia’ Nash took a look at the new champion and gave viewers a peek of how he believes the meeting that led to the inception of Sylas played out.



Mylixia proposed that the new champ was following Riot’s trend of converting a classic trope into a Rift-warrior as an easy way to deliver fans something new.

“[Riot employees] are sitting around a table and they’re like ‘Guys we need to make another champion, what are we going to do?’,” he said. “Then everybody’s quiet. Everybody is quiet because [everyone at Riot] has the same rank, so no one knows when to speak. Then one bold person, an intern [suggests] ’what about a communist?’”

Mylixia was in disbelief as he was watching the reveal trailer, drawing endless connections between Sylas’s motivations and Communist sentiments.


The streamer suggested that even at Riot’s creative best, the process comes down to taking the most workable concept that anyone can muster.

“I feel like after 100 champions in League of Legends you have to get weird,” Mylixia said.

The streamer’s criticism aren’t unique as many have drawn parallels between themes in previous champions to the upcoming character.