Thebausffs cops League ban after int’ing match with Faker: “I feel bad”

Thebausffs sionRiot Games / LEC

Popular streamer Simon ‘Thebausffs’ Hofverberg copped a League of Legends ban on his Korean server account after he lost a game with Faker using his infamous int’ing Sion strat.

Fans of the streamer were ready to flame Riot for banning Thebausffs, who’s been on the receiving end of untimely bans for intentionally feeding (or int’ing) in the past.

While the League star was shocked to see his profile get banned, he took that action in stride after realizing his account was locked, which he says could signal a “misunderstanding” with Riot personnel.

After dominating EU Challenger for years, Thebausffs went to South Korea on April 1 to see how successful he could be with his unique playstyle in the region’s famously competitive online League environment.

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Though he managed to hit Challenger in Korea while dodging bans for his int’ing ways, the player wasn’t so lucky after finishing his last game during an April 25 stream.

The 22-year-old’s Korean League account came off a tough loss with Faker in the mid lane, who was playing with his alt account called ‘Hide on bush,’ that preceded the ban.

Even though fans are dubbing it as another ‘Faker Incident,’ there’s no apparent link between the three-time Worlds Champion and the ban against the strategically int’ing streamer.

“This account has been locked down because access records suspected of account theft have been confirmed,” a rough translation of the ban notification said.

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Thebausffs responds to League ban

In his stream, even Thebausffs had a laugh with how tragic the loss was after going 2/18/9 saying he “felt bad,” but he’s not too worried about the locked account.

“Update on my progress,” he told his Twitter followers. “Account locked. I think it’s a misunderstanding so don’t panic.”

It’s unclear when Thebausffs will get his League account back. Other streamers have dealt with the same issue with Riot before but have had varying degrees of results as it pertains to unlocking an account.