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The strongest champions after League patch 10.13

Published: 25/Jun/2020 12:08

by James Busby


League of Legends patch 10.13 is finally live, bringing with it a host of exciting changes, much needed nerfs, meta-shaking buffs, and plenty of bug fixes. 

Just like every new League of Legends patch, the latest 10.13 update has shaken up the current champion meta. While there are a few familiar faces still roaming around the top tier positions, there have been a number of changes that have seen shifts in the current champion pool. 

The previous 10.12 update brought with it a host of jungle terrain changes which have helped create more opportunities for players to hunt down or escape from their foes. However, the latest refresh purely aims to reel in a few of LoL’s overachievers. So, let’s run through the champions you should be using to gain a competitive edge.


Top-lane: Darius

League of Legends
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Darius takes the top-lane crown once again.

The Hand of Noxus is still the top-laner to beat and he continues to swing his deadly axe around, cutting down anyone that dares to stand in his way.

Darius’ high damage plays and overall survivability make for a truly lethal combination, especially in late-game team fights where he can use his overall bulk to rush into the backline and instantly kill squishy carries with crushing blows from his ultimate, Noxian Guillotine. Items like Sterak’s Gage, Dead Man’s Plate, Spirit Visage, and Black Cleaver keep the tyrannical commander from faltering against even the toughest of lane opponents. 

To make matters even better, champion takedowns now extend Ghost’s movement speed duration by 4-7 seconds, giving Darius even more opportunities to rush into the thick of a fight.


There’s a reason why this top-lane terror has a 49.52% win rate and a dizzying 47.41% ban rate on the Korean server, so make sure you prioritize your picks/bans around this lethal champion if you wish to avoid succumbing to his bloodied blows.

Other strong picks: Garen, Wukong, Jax, Camille

Jungle: Shyvana

League of Legends
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Shyvana is a great pick for those that want to engulf their enemies in scorching flames.

With so many carry threats roaming around the Rift at the moment, it’s never been more important to stop a potential snowball situation dead in its tracks. While Shyvana may lack the individual kill potential of the ever-popular Elise and Fiddlesticks picks, she does still dish out a huge amount of damage.


If that wasn’t enough, Shyvana can opt for tankier item options and still deliver enough burst damage to be useful in 1v1 skirmishes and team fights.  

This Half-Dragon has been slowly clambering up the ranks ever since Fiddlesticks’ rework saw the terrifying scarecrow return to the top of the jungle rankings. Being able to initiate team fights with your ultimate and melt through multiple enemies with Flame Breath is absolutely huge, especially when you want to dictate the flow of a particular fight. Consider picking Shyvana when playing those all-important ranked games. 

Other strong picks: Elise, Fiddlesticks, Rek’Sai, Ekko 


Mid-lane: Twisted Fate

League of Legends
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Previous buffs have given Twisted Fate the tools he needs to gain a competitive edge.

Following his patch 10.10 buffs, players have finally started to realize just how powerful Twisted Fate currently is. Not only was his base attack damage and armor greatly increased, but his ultimate’s mana cost was also reduced to 100 at all ranks.

This is absolutely huge as the Card Master can now secure even more cross-map plays, killing any squishy carries that dare to overextend. Roaming down bot-lane and coming back with a well-earned double kill isn’t just incredibly satisfying, it also allows you to help snowball other lanes to victory. 

Twisted Fate has been steadily climbing his way up the rankings and he doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon – in fact, T.F. currently has a whopping 14.66% play rate on the Korean server, making him the most hotly contested mid-lane pick. We suggest prioritizing your pick/bans around this champion if you wish to minimize any frustrating losses. 


Other strong picks: Kassadin, Yasuo, Cassiopeia, Zoe

Bot-lane: Ezreal

League of Legends
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Riot’s Prodigal Explorer is still making waves in bot-lane.

Ezreal remains the go-to AD carry in patch 10.13. While the 10.11 ADC buff and subsequent Cassiopeia nerfs have helped alleviate most marksman problems, there are still a few bot-lane champions that have continued to struggle.

As a result, safer ADC picks like Ezreal and Caitlyn have proven incredibly popular amongst marksman mains. Not only does the Prodigal Explorer have great poke with his Mystic Shot and Essence Flux, he also has great mobility thanks to the blink he receives from Arcane Shift.

Being able to safely barrage enemies from afar and disengage/engage fights with Arcane Shift is huge, particularly when you’re facing off against any pesky mid-lane champions. Ezreal’s increased popularity has led to him receiving a massive 38.08% pick rate on the Korean server, making him the most played ADC champion in the current meta.

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Make sure you add the Prodigal Explorer to your champion pool before you go searching for that all-important victory.

Other strong picks: Ashe, Kalista, Caitlyn, Aphelios

Support: Bard

League of Legends
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Bard is great for those that want to be more proactive in their supportive plays.

Riot’s adorably cute feline has finally been knocked off her top-place perch following a wave of nerfs that increased her E’s mana cost. While Yuumi can still poke champions down with her Q, she can no longer constantly heal away her team’s problems during early-game fights. This has allowed other support champions to climb to the top tier ranks. One champion that is doing very well on the Korean server is that of Bard. 

The Wandering Caretaker is currently enjoying a 53.23% win rate and 9.26% pick rate, making him one the highest win supports in patch 10.13. Despite receiving nerfs to his W’s bonus movement speed and cooldown, Bard remains a staple pick for those looking to proactively look for game-winning engages.

The damage from Bard’s Q is particularly potent in the early-game, especially if you build him for damage. Meanwhile, Magical Journey and Tempered Fate allow you to either disengage or engage fights, effectively turning the tide on even the most brutal of battles. 

Other strong picks: Blitzcrank, Thresh, Senna, Leona