The LEC will send 4 teams to the 2022 World Championship

LoL Worlds 2022 LEC seeding announcementRiot Games

Riot Games have announced today that the LEC will receive four seeds at the 2022 World Championship, for only the second time in Worlds history.

Worlds 2022 hasn’t even begun, and already the event has been subject to significant changes by Riot Games.

On July 1, Riot Games announced that the semifinals, originally set to take place in Toronto, Canada, would be moving to Atlanta, Georgia. This decision came due to issues surrounding Visa acquisition to leave and re-enter the US within such a short time frame.

And now, another change to the format for 2022 has been announced: the LEC will receive four seeds at the tournament, and will be the only region to have two teams play in the Play-In stage.

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Where is this fourth spot coming from?

In Riot’s official statement, they confirmed that the LEC would receive its fourth slot in light of the LCL being unable to send a representative.

The statement clarified that the spot was awarded to the LEC as “the region that has had the best performance during international events over the past two years, but does not already have 4team berths.”

In order to maintain the tournament’s structure, the LEC’s third representative will play in the Play-In, rather than skipping straight to the group stage like the third seeds from the LPL and LCK. This will be only the second time that the LEC has received four seeds at a World Championship – with the first being in 2020.

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