The Jungle: “LoL Esports is BORING… How Will Riot Respond?!” | LoL Esports Review

Following League Of Legends’ biggest update in history, the patch 12.10 ‘durability update’, there has been a massive shift in the meta being used in recent LPL, and LoL esports matches.

In this week’s episode of The Jungle, hosts Daniel ‘dGon’ Gonzales, Christopher ‘MonteCristo’ Mykles and Christian ‘IWDominate’ Rivera, discuss the updated League Of Legends meta, its negative effects, and how the LPL are doing a better job to use it to their advantage.

Is the new meta making LoL esports boring?

The meta change has become one of the biggest talking points in LoL esports, with fans dubbing recent matches as ‘boring’ and ‘repetitive’.

This is due to the recent changes, resulting in every single champion in the game getting a lot tankier, which has proven an issue within competitive matches. The update has seen many teams choosing to take the passive approach within games and waiting for their team comps to scale, making games much less exciting to watch.

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IWDominate gave his thoughts on the changes, stating: “It is the most boring, AFK meta of all time. Now in competitive play, nobody is killing anything, it’s not actually the game’s fault, but psychologically it’s affecting the players.”

Ultimately, to get the excitement back in upcoming competitive matches, The Jungle’s hosts hypothesized that teams should take a different, more early-game approach, which has been exemplified in recent LPL matches, seeing teams make unexpected picks to counteract the current meta.

League Of Legends Promotional Art, featuring champion League Of Legends Champion “Riven” – Image Credits: Riot Games

Is the LPL’s gameplay superior?

The current gameplay being shown off in LPL matches has been widely praised by fans for its exciting adaptation to the new meta, with teams seen playing new interesting and exciting team comps, as well as aggressive approaches, leaving it miles ahead of any other region.

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Teams have been playing champions that were unexpected by their rivals, causing them to dominate in match-ups, making competitive play within the LPL ever-changing, keeping competitors and viewers on their toes at all times.

IWDominate commented: “I think the most interesting part about it is that you have so many unique styles, you see so many different champions!”

This week’s The Jungle also covered the strengths of G2 Esports and Evil Geniuses, star players such as Caps and Nisqy, and more! Watch the full episode on YouTube.