TFT Uncharted Realms pass details: All rewards & missions in Set 7.5

TFT Set 7.5 Uncharted Realms pass photoRiot Games

TFT Set 7.5 has gone live, and that means there’s a new Uncharted Realms pass to grind. With new missions and rewards all about the new mechanics, we’ve got the rundown on everything you need to know right here.

TFT Set 7.5, named Uncharted Realms, has taken over the Dragonlands. There’s more than 20 new champions and Dragons to tinker around with, as well as plenty of other changes.

As you dive into the deep though, don’t forget to cash in on the Uncharted Realms pass. There’s plenty of missions relating to the new mechanics, and that means new rewards to grind for. We’ve got everything you need to know about just that right here.

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TFT Set 7.5 keyartRiot Games
Uncharted Realms is here, and that means a new TFT pass.

How much does the TFT Uncharted Realms pass cost?

Much like other battle passes, the TFT Uncharted Realms pass comes with two tracks: Free and Premium.

The Free pack is as described. You don’t have to pay anything for it, and you still get access to all the missions. The only thing you miss out on is the extra rewards ⁠which are only obtainable in the Premium Pass+. If you want to pick that up, it’ll set you back 1295 RP.

However, if you’re not sure how much time you’ll invest into TFT Set 7.5, you can always unlock the pass later on. You’ll retroactively be given all the rewards, so you won’t miss out on anything.

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TFT Uncharted Realms pass missions

All of the TFT Uncharted Realms pass missions will have you testing out all the new champions, traits, and interactions in Set 7.5. Whether it be going for those massive Lagoon seashell stacks, or draining away the enemy with Swain and his army of Darkflight units, the missions will force you to use the new mechanics.

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You can find the full list of TFT Uncharted Realms pass missions below.

Big Damn HeroesField a 3-star Dragonmancer Dragon Hero, and field Bruiser 6800 XP
Discover Sunken TreasuresClaim 3 Dragon Treasures600 XP
Dive Into Uncharted RealmsPlay a game of TFT800 XP
Epic Level BardGenerate 21 Doots with Bard (Hyper Roll count double)400 XP
Freestyle ChampionPlace 1st or 2nd in Standard or Hyper Roll, or place 1st in Double Up200 XP
Get Your Nails DoneField a Dragon holding a Dragon’s Claw400 XP
Gotta Steal ‘Em All!Have Zoe cast four different spells in a single round600 XP
Make a Big SplashField a 2-star Dragon200 XP
Nomsy’s Big AdventureField a 2-star Nomsy with her Trainer’s trait active at Gold, and win five player combats where both Nomsy and her Trainer survive800 XP
Pool PartyField an army with at least five active traits200 XP
Sohm’s Rejuvenating WatersHave Sohm detonate 50 Tideblossoms, and reach 300 Seastone stacks two times800 XP
Stormy WeatherHit enemy units with Zephyr and Tempest’s lightning in the same round400 XP
Swain’s Vicious BetrayalHave Swain heal for 12,000, and sacrifice 13 units to Darkflight800 XP
Swiftest of ShotsHave a Swiftshot unit reach an attack speed of 4 or higher600 XP
Terra’s Earthshattering PowerDeal 15,000 damage with Terra’s Earthquake, and have 15 units that started in Monolith hexes survive combat800 XP
The Bigger They Are…With Scalescorn active, have Scalescorn units deal 15,000 damage to Dragons400 XP
Unite the DragonlandsField Dragon 4400 XP
Zippy’s Grand RetinueGive Zippy some exercise by letting him charge at 75 enemies, and assemble Zippy’s retinue by fielding Guild 7800 XP

TFT Uncharted Realms pass rewards

The TFT Uncharted Realms pass rewards are based on grinding through the missions and earning that sweet experience. They don’t differ too much from previous Sets ⁠— Little Legend Eggs, Star Shards, booms, arenas, emotes, and more are on offer. There’s also the stretch tiers at the very end with the exclusive emotes.

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You can find the full list of TFT Uncharted Realms pass rewards below.

0Poggle’s Pools ArenaPass+
1Sauna SpriteFree
21-star Dragon Float Splash BoomPass+
350 Star ShardsPass+
4Bungo EggPass+
5Prepare Yourself EmoteFree
61-star Skipping Stones BoomPass+
750 Star ShardsPass+
81-star Dragon Geyser BoomPass+
9Random EmoteFree
101-star Regal Koi StarmawPass+
1150 Star ShardsPass+
121-star Bucket Yeet BoomPass+
13Series 1-11 EggFree
142-star Dragon Float Splash BoomPass+
15Prancie EggPass+
162-star Skipping Stones BoomPass+
17Random EmoteFree
18Umbra’s Retreat ArenaPass+
1950 Star ShardsPass+
202-star Dragon Geyser BoomPass+
21Series 1-11 EggFree
222-star Bucket Yeet BoomPass+
2350 Star ShardsPass+
24Bungo EggPass+
25Nope EmoteFree
262-star Regal Koi StarmawPass+
273-star Dragon Float Splash BoomPass+
2850 Star ShardsPass+
29Series 1-11 EggFree
303-star Skipping Stones BoomPass+
3150 Star ShardsPass+
32Random EmoteFree
33Legendary Little Legend EggPass+
343-star Dragon Geyser BoomPass+
3550 Star ShardsPass+
36Prancie EggPass+
37Fanfare EmoteFree
38Ao Shin’s Summit Spa ArenaPass+
393-star Bucket Yeet BoomPass+
4050 Star ShardsPass+
413-star Regal Koi StarmawPass+
42Legendary Little Legend EggFree
43Uncharted Realms EggFree
44Grotto of the Secret Spa ArenaPass+
45Yes…? EmoteFree
46Oh ho HO! EmoteFree
47Totally Fabulous EmoteFree

TFT Uncharted Realms pass expiry date

The TFT Uncharted Realms pass is set to expire on December 6, 2022, just in time for TFT patch 12.23 ⁠— the final update of the year ⁠— on December 7, 2022. This is basically the confirmed release date for TFT Set 8.

If Riot pushes that back, we’ll let you know.