Fates announced as TFT Set 4: Release date, champions, more

Sacred Sword Janna and Spirit Blossom Yasuo in League of LegendsRiot Games

Fates has been announced as the fourth Teamfight Tactics Set. With the next edition of Riot’s League of Legends-inspired auto-battler set to release in September, the developers have given players a first look at what to expect, including the theme of the set, champions, traits and more.

Teamfight Tactics Set 4 is exactly what it says on the box ⁠— the fourth edition of Riot’s fan-favorite auto-battler. We’ve been across Runeterra, and even to distant Galaxies in Set 3. Set 4 which has been titled ‘Fates’ is expected to take us “on a journey to distant lands.”

There’s an abundance of places that could take us in Runeterra. Could players be teleported to the far stretches of the continent, or perhaps places yet to be discovered? How about the Shadow Isles, or even up to the Aspects in space?

Here’s everything we know about TFT Set 4 so far, including the champions players can expect to see, and when exactly Riot will pull the trigger on the next big Teamfight Tactics update.

Fates announced as TFT Set 4

The TFT devs officially announced Set 4 on August 20, revealing that “Fates” would be the title of this mystical chapter.

Along with the announcement, the Riot devs shared what seems to be four new traits or origins that will be live in patch 10.19.

Dragons, Magic, Spirits, and Storms classes were shared and TFT fans were quick to deduce that champions like Shyvana, Aurelion Sol, and Volibear would all be likely to return.

Similar to the Galaxies set, Set 4 will be released with a Fates Pass and Fates Pass+ for players to unlock personalization content as they play.

Set 4 will also mark the start of a new ranked season, new Booms, dragon-themed Little Legends, and alternate ways to upgrade them.

What champions are coming in TFT Set 4?

There will be a whole new roster of 58 champions, based on the mythical fantasy skin lines of League of Legends, with updated Origins and Classes, along with new items and a set mechanic.

Riot have been dropping teasers since August 6, when TFT developer ‘GreenTeej’ shared some clues as to what to expect.

“[Players will go] on a journey to distant lands, where the strength of their spirits will blossom, and their devotion to the gods will be tested. They will run into some familiar friends of the past, and encounter new enemies from far-off kingdoms, all in the hopes to revel under the blood moon with the friends they have chosen along the way,” he shared.

It looks like Riot stayed true to the spirits theme. TFT Fates features a number of champions from Ionia, Runeterra’s spiritual heartland. Origins like Ninja have made their return, having been benched since Set 1.

Here’s a list of every new champion coming to TFT Fates. If you are looking for a more detailed list, including their abilities, and information on every origin and class, we have you covered right here.

  • Aatrox: 4 cost Cultist Vanguard
  • Ahri: 4 cost Spirit Mage
  • Akali: 3 cost Ninja Assassin
  • Annie: 2 cost Fortune Mage
  • Aphelios: 2 cost Moonlight Hunter
  • Ashe: 4 cost Elderwood Hunter
  • Azir: 5 cost Warlord Keeper Emperor
  • Cassiopeia: 4 cost Dusk Mystic Dazzler
  • Diana: 1 cost Moonlight Assassin
  • Elise: 1 cost Cultist Keeper
  • Evelynn: 3 cost Cultist Shade
  • Ezreal: 5 cost Elderwood Dazzler
  • Fiora: 1 cost Enlightened Duelist
  • Garen: 1 cost Warlord Vanguard
  • Hecarim: 2 cost Elderwood Vanguard
  • Irelia: 3 cost Enlightened Divine Adept
  • Janna: 2 cost Enlightened Mystic
  • Jarvan IV: 2 cost Warlord Keeper
  • Jax: 2 cost Divine Duelist
  • Jhin: 4 cost Cultist Sharpshooter
  • Jinx: 3 cost Fortune Sharpshooter
  • Kalista: 3 cost Cultist Duelist
  • Katarina: 3 cost Warlord Fortune Assassin
  • Kayn: 5 cost Tormented Shade
  • Kennen: 3 cost Ninja Keeper
  • Kindred: 3 cost Spirit Hunter
  • Lee Sin: 5 cost Divine Duelist
  • Lillia: 5 cost Dusk Mage
  • Lissandra: 1 cost Moonlight Dazzler
  • Lulu: 2 cost Elderwood Mage
  • Lux: 3 cost Divine Dazzler
  • Maokai: 1 cost Elderwood Brawler
  • Morgana: 4 cost Enlightened Dazzler
  • Nami: 1 cost Enlightened Mage
  • Nidalee: 1 cost Warlord Sharpshooter
  • Nunu: 3 cost Elderwood Brawler
  • Pyke: 2 cost Cultist Assasin
  • Riven: 4 cost Dusk Keeper
  • Sejuani: 4 cost Fortune Vanguard
  • Sett: 5 cost The Boss Brawler
  • Shen: 4 cost Ninja Adept
  • Sylas: 2 cost Moonlight Brawler
  • Tahm Kench: 1 cost Fortune Brawler
  • Talon: 4 cost Enlightened Assassin
  • Teemo: 2 cost Spirit Sharpshooter
  • Thresh: 2 cost Dusk Vanguard
  • Twisted Fate: 1 cost Cultist Mage
  • Vayne: 1 cost Dusk Sharpshooter
  • Veigar: 3 cost Elderwood Mage
  • Vi: 2 cost Warlord Brawler
  • Warwick: 4 cost Divine Brawler Hunter
  • Wukong: 1 cost Divine Vanguard
  • Xin Zhao: 3 cost Warlord Duelist
  • Yasuo: 1 cost Exile Duelist
  • Yone: 5 cost Exile Adept
  • Yuumi: 3 cost Spirit Mystic
  • Zed: 2 cost Ninja Shade
  • Zilean: 5 cost Cultist Mystic
Blood Moon Elise in League of Legends and TFT Set 4Riot Games
Elise will be making her return to the Convergence with her Blood Moon skin.

TFT Fates full list of traits and classes

Riot have also now confirmed details on all the new traits and classes coming to TFT Fates. While some familiar classes like Assassin and Vanguard are making their return, there’s some new names on the list.

We’ve got the full list of traits and classes down below. If you want more details, we’ve got a full guide to TFT Fates right here.

TFT Fates Origins

  • Cultist: summons Galio at under 50% health, slamming into the enemy team
  • Divine: after attacking or being taken to low health, become ascended and deal bonus true damage
  • Dusk: increase all allies spell power
  • Enlightened: increased mana generation
  • Elderwood: stacking armor, magic resist, attack damage, and spell power over combat
  • Exile: bonus shielding and healing if not placed next to allied unit at start of round
  • Fortune: bonus orbs for winning combat
  • Moonlight: level up lowest star level Moonlight champion (can go to four-star)
  • Ninja: gain bonus attack damage and spell power
  • Spirit: allies gain attack speed based off spell mana cost
  • Warlord: bonus health and spell power, stacking with each victory
  • The Boss: removes Sett from combat after dropping below 40% health to heal up, coming back Pumped Up
  • Tormented: gives Kayn the option to transform after three combats into Darkin or Shadow Assassin.
Diana in TFT FatesRiot Games
Diana (pictured), Sylas, Aphelios, and Lissandra will become TFT’s first four-star units with the Moonlight origin.

TFT Fates Classes

  • Adept: reduce enemy attack speed
  • Assassin: increased crit chance and damage
  • Brawler: increased max health
  • Dazzler: reduce enemy attack damage
  • Duelist: increased attack speed, stacking with each attack
  • Hunter: bonus damage against lowest health enemy
  • Keeper: increased shielding at start of round
  • Mage: can cast twice and have increased spell power
  • Mystic: increased magic resist
  • Shade: teleport to enemy backline, stealthing every third attack to do more damage
  • Sharpshooter: attacks ricochet to nearby enemies, dealing more damage
  • Vanguard: increased armor
  • Emperor: deploy two additional units that move separately to Azir

When does TFT Fates release?

As expected, TFT Set 4 will be live following the conclusion of TFT Set 3. TFT Galaxies is set to wrap up on September 16, which means that Fates will arrive in Patch 10.19 on September 16.

That means we can expect TFT Set 4 to launch on the PBE after Patch 10.18 goes live on September 2. There will then be a two-week test period where Riot will finetune balancing before the full release to everyone with Patch 10.19.

The new set will run for six months ⁠— all the way through to April 2021. Riot also confirmed a Mid-Set update, similar to the one that ran in TFT Galaxies, would make its entrance in January. More details on that will be available soon.