TFT Reckoning II pass details: All rewards & missions in Set 5.5

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TFT Set 5.5 will launch with the Reckoning II pass, jam-packed full of rewards for you to grind across the mid-set. There’s also some missions to help you hit Level 45. Here’s what you need to know.

TFT Set 5.5, named Dawn of Heroes, is here. 12 new champions ⁠— including Akshan and Gwen, who are making their debuts in the autobattler ⁠— are coming in the Reckoning mid-set, along with a new Radiant Items mechanic to replace Shadow Items.

The cherry on top of all of that though is a new battle pass. Aptly named the TFT Reckoning II pass, players will be able to grind out rewards across the mid-set update to keep forever. Here’s what you need to know.

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How much does the TFT Reckoning II pass cost?

The TFT Reckoning II pass is set up similarly to previous passes with a free track and a paid one. The free track has limited access to rewards, often just a handful of emotes and eggs.

The Pass+ premium track will set you back 1295 RP, or around $10 USD. This will give you access to all the rewards, including exclusive Little Legends, Arenas, Booms, and more.

TFT Reckoning II pass detailsRiot Games
There’s plenty of rewards on offer in the TFT Reckoning II pass.

TFT Reckoning II pass missions

The missions in the TFT Set 5.5 battle pass are meant to force players to try out the new additions.

From picking up Gwen and the Inanimate emote, to pushing Sentinels, they’re all tied in. The missions are also more in-depth than the original Reckoning ones, but offer a bigger reward for actively pursuing them.

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There’s also daily win and play missions that offer a hefty boost of XP, so be sure to play regularly if you want to crack Level 45.

Mission Objective Reward
A Little Of This And That Have eight or more active traits in a battle 400 XP
A Real Girl Active the Inanimate trait 200 XP
Absolute Unit Field a champion with 3000+ health 400 XP
And Hell Came With Them Field three 3-star Hellions 400 XP
Can’t Touch This Have a champion with 300 Armor when they take a hit 400 XP
Chosen One Equip a Radiant Item on a 3-star champion 400 XP
Deep Cuts Have a champion with +150% bonus critical strike damage (+280% total) when they hit an enemy 400 XP
Dynamic Duo Field a team with two 2-star 5-cost champions 400 XP
Face-Melter Have a champion cast a spell with 300 Ability Power 400 XP
Hard Carry Get a unit to deal 8000 damage in one round 400 XP
Key Contributor Field a champion with four traits 400 XP
Monstrosity Supreme Create an Abomination with three items 400 XP
Now Kill the Goose Hatch three golden eggs in one game 400 XP
Power Spike Promote three champions to 2-star in one round 400 XP
Redemption Realized Win a round with a surviving Redeemed champion carrying three items 400 XP
Sentinels of Light Activate the 3 Sentinel trait 200 XP
Spam Filter Have a unit cast 6 or more times in one battle 400 XP
That’s Gotta Sting Have a unit deal 800+ damage in a single attack or ability 400 XP
Twice Dead Am I Have a champion resurrect twice in the same battle 400 XP

TFT Reckoning II pass rewards

The TFT pass system has found its groove when it comes to rewards. There are 45 levels to grind on the base pass. However, there are extra levels — up to 48 — with the Pass+.

Plus, just for buying the pass, you get a free Order Sprite Little Legend.

Level Reward Tier
0 Order Sprite Pass+
1 The Kindest Cut Emote Free
2 1-Star Shattered Heart Boom Pass+
3 30 Star Shards Pass+
4 Fearless Fellowship Egg Pass+
5 1-Star Jagged Path Boom Pass+
6 Random Emote Free
7 30 Star Shards Pass+
8 2-Star Shattered Heart Boom Pass+
9 30 Star Shards Pass+
10 1-Star Order Pengu Egg Pass+
11 Little Legend Egg Series 1-7 Free
12 3-Star Shattered Heart Boom Pass+
13 30 Star Shards Pass+
14 2-Star Jagged Path Boom Pass+
15 Random Emote Free
16 30 Star Shards Pass+
17 1-Star Abyssal Chasm Boom Pass+
18 30 Star Shards Pass+
19 Journey’s Beginning Arena Pass+
20 Surprise!!! Emote Free
21 3-Star Jagged Path Boom Pass+
22 Fearless Fellowship Egg Pass+
23 30 Star Shards Pass+
24 2-Star Abyssal Chasm Boom Pass+
25 Little Legend Egg Series 1-7 Free
26 30 Star Shards Pass+
27 1-Star Soul Siphon Boom Pass+
28 30 Star Shards Pass+
29 Desert Path Arena Pass+
30 Random Emote Free
31 2-Star Soul Siphon Boom Pass+
32 30 Star Shards Pass+
33 3-Star Abyssal Chasm Boom Pass+
34 Fearless Fellowship Egg Pass+
35 Little Legend Series 1-7 Egg Free
36 30 Star Shards Pass+
37 3-Star Soul Siphon Boom Pass+
38 30 Star Shards Pass+
39 2-Star Order Pengu Egg Pass+
40 Dankest Dungeon Arena Pass+
41 Fearless Fellowship Egg Free
42 Amused And Confused Emote Free
43 Little Legend Egg Series 1-7 Pass+
44 Fearless Fellowship Egg Pass+
45 Legendary Little Legend Egg Free
46 Reckoning II: Perseverance Emote Pass+
47 Reckoning II: Tenacity Emote Pass+
48 Reckoning II: Devotion Emote Pass+

TFT Reckoning II pass launch & expiry date

The TFT Reckoning II pass will go live with the Dawn of Heroes expansion on TFT patch 11.15. This is scheduled to drop on July 21.

It will run for the entire mid-set, which is expected to take us into November 2021 before Set 6 launches after Worlds. We will update you with an exact date as it comes.

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