Riot threatens TFT players with bans for abusing Nomsy duplication glitch

Nomsy in TFT Set 7Riot Games

A new bug with TFT Set 7 is letting players duplicate Nomsy thanks to some weird timings with the Trainer trait. With Riot unable to patch it out, the developers are threatening players with bans if they abuse the glitch.

While TFT Set 7.5 is on its way, making Nomsy his own standalone unit and retiring the Trainer trait, there’s still TFT patch 12.16 to play through before then. In the last two weeks before the Mid-Set too, players can expect to see a few more Nomsys in the Convergence due to a glitch.

First uncovered in China before making its way to all servers, players can duplicate the Trainer-spawned unit if they perfectly time benching one of their Trainer units, disabling the trait before combat. After the combat, a second Nomsy will spawn.

This glitch can be replicated an infinite amount of times ⁠— until you run out of board space really. It’s an exploit through and through, and players are getting free wins with it.

However Riot is cracking down on it. Lead designer Stephen ‘Mortdog’ Mortimer gave players a stern warning after TFT patch 12.16 went live: Abuse the Nomsy glitch, and you’ll be banned.

“As we head into the final patch of Dragonlands, we’re aware of a bug where it is possible to clone Nomsy. We will unfortunately not be able to fix it,” he said on August 23. “However, be warned if you do this, your account will be subject to action.

“It’s very easy for us to detect who is doing this, and any account caught doing it will receive a 12 hour ban for the first offense. A second offense will be a much harsher punishment. You’ve been warned.”

If you see someone abusing the bug during your final ranked climb for TFT Set 7, you can report them in the post-game screen. It’s not just a ranked thing either ⁠— Riot are also scrutinizing normal TFT games too.

For those concerned about doing it by accident, you’ll have to do something real wacky to only do it ‘by accident’. There is the one game amnesty too, but beyond that watch out.

The Nomsy duplication glitch won’t be fixed before TFT Set 7.5 goes live on September 8, 2022 so hang tight between now and then.