TFT player discovers hilariously broken bug with Chibi Annie Little Legend

Chibi Lunar New Year Annie in TFTRiot Games

A TFT player has discovered a rather hilarious bug when using the Panda Annie Chibi and combining it with a very specific augment.

Riot’s ever-popular Teamfight Tactics pits players against one another in an 8-man battle of wits, strategy, and of course, tactics. Players create armies of units that will fight for them, combining synergies, traits, and origins to produce the strongest band of units the Confluence has ever seen.

In Teamfight Tactics, players have several options for customizing their cosmetics however they like, with different booms, boards, and Little Legends to equip. Little Legends are essentially the player character in Teamfight Tactics, and they take damage when you lose a round or deal damage when you win one. Once your Little Legend hits 0 health or below, you’re eliminated from the game, and can only spectate the others from the sidelines.

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Little Legends can come in various shapes and sizes, and some of the incredibly rare ones can be quite the spectacle if you have them. One such mythical Little Legends is the Panda Annie Chibi, which could only be obtained via loot box during a certain event.

It appears that the Panda Annie Chibi isn’t just an absurdly rare Little Legend, but one that can cause quite a hilarious visual bug that renders all your opponents confused. The Panda Annie Chibi when combined with the Tiny Titan augment and a win-streak and cause her to become absolutely massive, essentially eclipsing the competition.

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TFT Streamer LeDuck showed off on their stream their tactic behind crowding out the carousel. Using a certain emote from Panda Annie, she’ll summon a little Panda Choncc by her side. However, when Annie is massive the Choncc is too, meaning that she can summon a rather large creature onto the carousel.

The Choncc is so large that it can cover units rotating on the carousel, meaning that players won’t be able to see what unit they’re picking up. Players will still be able to see the item the unit is holding but may have trouble identifying the champion holding it due to the Choncc being in the way.

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This is obviously a rather hilarious bug and can be a tad annoying, however, it’s not incredibly game-breaking due to the rarity of the circumstances the player has to be in to replicate it. The player has to be win-streaking with Tiny Titans and also be using the Panda Annie Chibi, making this bug a rare one indeed.