TFT patch 13.1b notes: Sett, Urgot, and Fiddle nerfs

mecha kingdoms settRiot Games

Patch 13.1b of TFT is now live with some minor changes to overperforming champions, just to shake up the meta a bit.

With Set 8 well underway, TFT: Monsters Attack has seen a multitude of comps and metas appear. With the current meta comps being a tad too reliant on certain units such as Sett, Riot is looking to take them down a notch.

As a b patch, Riot isn’t looking to massively shift the meta here, instead, devs are simply looking to tune down some comps so that other strategies can come into contention with them.

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giant enemy crabgot splash artRiot Games
Urgot is getting his claws clipped a bit in this patch.

What’s changing in TFT Patch 13.1b?

Nerfs to Sett & Mecha: PRIME, Urgot, and Fiddlesticks

The biggest loser of patch 13.1b has to be Sett. With his ability’s scaling being reverted at all ranks, and the revert of the buff to Mecha: PRIME, Sett is looking to lose a lot of damage while being played as a frontline.

Alongside this, we’re seeing nerfs to Urgot and Fiddlesticks, both threat units that don’t require any traits and are powerful units by themself. With Fiddlesticks spell damage being reverted, and Urgot’s attack damage dropping slightly, these units will still be forces to be reckoned with. However, it’s unlikely that they’ll have the potency that they once did.

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Finally a small nerf to Renegade across the board to chip away at Viego’s presence in the meta. This also directly affects Camille reroll, which was another up-and-coming composition yet to see the spotlight.

Slight Buff to Jax

Jax was heavily nerfed in patch 13.1, with his attack damage, ability base damage, and scaling all being booted down. Thanks to the nerfs, Jax has found himself in a rather weak state, particularly with his base damage, so Riot is giving him a small boost to help him compete once again.

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mecha kingdoms jax splash artRiot Games
Jax is getting a small helping hand from Riot.

TFT Patch 13.1b Notes



  • Mecha SLAM! Attack Damage Spell Scaling: 300/ 320/ 800% => 280/ 300/ 600%


  • Attack Damage: 80 => 70
  • Bugfix to the Double Urgot Issue


  • Dark Harvest Spell Damage: 111/ 166/ 1000 => 100/ 150/ 900


  • Adaptive Strike Base Damage: 100/ 150/ 250 => 110/ 165/ 285


Mecha: PRIME

  • Attack Damage and Ability Power Bonus: 70/ 50% => 60/ 45%


  • Prankster 3 now heals for the intended amount


  • Base Damage: 40/ 70% => 35/ 60%