TFT patch 12.18 “issues” further buffs Mages in new update

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A glitch in the system with “patching issues” has changed the TFT patch 12.18 notes from the update deployed. It’s good news for Mage players though as the comp has received yet another buff, but Riot are keeping their eyes peeled.

TFT patch 12.18 started its rollout on September 20, with players getting to have fun again without Dragonmancer Nunu ruining every single lobby.

However what was in the patch notes is slightly different from what went live, according to Riot. “Patching issues” have left some changes out of the update, and it’s a big boon for one composition: Mages.

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While individual units like Lux are weaker than intended, the Mage vertical has received yet another buff due to this glitch, according to developer Stephen ‘Mortdog’ Mortimer.

“Due to some patching issues, a few things are a bit different than we wanted,” he explained. “[Three-star] Lux is lower than intended, and Radiant Gargoyle didn’t get buffed. Mage though ended up at 80/110/140/170%, which isn’t what we wanted.”

It’s a slight difference that could really make all the difference. The change means the Mage 3 splash is buffed yet another 5%, but chasing for the vertical Mage 7 and Mage 9 builds aren’t as valuable as the intended 75/110/145/180% ability power values.

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With other buffs to Mages going out in TFT patch 12.18, Riot will be keeping a close eye on how detrimental it is to the meta, and there might be a hotfix to adjust it soon.

“This plus the Sohm buff, we’re going to be keeping a very close eye as the patch goes out,” Mortdog continued. “If it turns out to be a large issue, we’ll correct it ASAP.”

Outside of the Dragonmancer Nunu and Mage changes, TFT patch 12.18 included more nerfs for the Darkflight Cannoneers build revolving around Aphelios, as well as plenty of buffs for Dragons and reroll compositions to increase diversity.

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