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TFT patch 11.2 marks Set 4.5 launch: new Festival of Beasts champions, more

Published: 8/Jan/2021 7:42 Updated: 17/Jan/2021 6:04

by Andrew Amos


TFT patch 11.2 is going to be a big one. The Festival of Beasts is finally coming, with the Mid-Set expansion for Set 4 finally launching on the January 21 patch. Players can expect 20 new champions and a bunch of new traits, as well as a new battle pass.

Riot aren’t doing things by halves to kick off 2021 in Teamfight Tactics. The big Mid-Set update for Fates, Festival of Beasts, is set to roll out in patch 11.2 after two weeks of testing on the PBE.

The update features 20 new champions, a bunch of new traits, as well as reworks to the likes of Sharpshooter, Vanguard, Brawler, and more. There’s also new content in the form of a battle pass players can grind. Here’s what to expect on January 21.

Riot is aiming to make critical strikes more accessible for AD champions post-nerfs.
Riot Games
Tristana is one of 20 of the new champions added in Festival of Beasts.

Festival of Beasts introduces 20 new champions to TFT Fates

20 favorites from the TFT Fates roster will be departing the convergence, being replaced by a new set of champions to bring in the new year. The Festival of Beasts set has a distinct Chinese New Year theme, featuring the all new Lunar Revel skins as well as deity-themed traits.

There’s too much to list here, but if you’re looking for all the information on the new champions and traits, check out our guide here.

Right from day one, players will have the chance to grind the new battle pass too. With 45 tiers ⁠— the same size as the TFT Fates one ⁠— there’s plenty of rewards on offer for just 1295 RP. You can find full details right here.

Firecracker Sejuani in TFT Fates
Riot Games
Vanguards can now get magic resist as well as tons of bonus armor.

Vanguard, Brawler, more reworks currently in testing

Festival of Beasts isn’t just about bringing in new content. Some of the game’s pre-existing traits are getting reworked as well. Vanguard, Brawler, and Sharpshooter are the big three getting changes in the new set.

Vanguard will now give its users Magic Resist in the trait, making it a bit more diverse. Brawlers will also have access to attack damage, which is very handy if you decide to play the newly-released Shyvana.

Sharpshooters also spread their damage more with 2/3/4 ricochets at 2/4/6 instead of 1/2/3. While they do less damage, it means more Teemo blinds, and more mana-generating bounces.

Spirit Blossom Teemo in TFT Fates
Riot Games
More bounces equals more Teemo blinds.

Enlightened has been buffed to give more mana, while Cultist is getting a buff to entice people into going the whole hog and playing 9 Cultist instead of splashing in three. Assassin, Duelist, Elderwood, Keeper, Mage, Mystic, and Spirit have all been changed too.

TFT patch 11.2 will go live on January 21. You can find preview patch notes below, courtesy of [email protected].

TFT patch 11.2 preview notes

Festival of Beasts

New Champions

  • Aurelion Sol (4 cost Dragonsoul Mage)
  • Brand (1 cost Dragonsoul Mage)
  • Braum (2 cost Dragonsoul Vanguard)
  • Cho’Gath (4 cost Fabled Brawler)
  • Darius (3 cost Fortune Fabled)
  • Kayle (4 cost Divine Executioner)
  • Nasus (1 cost Divine Siphoner)
  • Nautilus (2 cost Fabled Vanguard)
  • Neeko (3 cost Fabled Mystic)
  • Olaf (4 cost Dragonsoul Slayer)
  • Ornn (5 cost Elderwood Vanguard Blacksmith)
  • Rakan (2 cost Elderwood Keeper)
  • Samira (5 cost Daredevil Sharpshooter Slayer)
  • Shyvana (3 cost Dragonsoul Brawler)
  • Sivir (3 cost Cultist Sharpshooter)
  • Swain (5 cost Dragonsoul Siphoner)
  • Tristana (1 cost Dragonsoul Sharpshooter)
  • Tryndamere (4 cost Warlord Duelist Slayer)
  • Vlad (2 cost Cultist Siphoner)
  • Xayah (4 cost Elderwood Keeper Executioner)

New Traits

  • Blacksmith: After participating in combat, Blacksmiths will begin forging an Artifact item. The higher their star-level, the faster they work. Once the Artifact is complete, it will be able to bestow upon an ally.
    • Champions: Ornn
  • Daredevil: Every other basic attack, Daredevils will acquire a new target. If that target is out of her range, she will dash towards them. With each attack on a new target, her Combo Rating will increase.
    • Champions: Samira
  • Dragonsoul: On death, this blessing passes to the closest Dragonsoul ally. Active at 3/6/9 units.
    • Champions: Tristana, Brand, Braum, Shyvana, Olaf, Aurelion Sol, Swain
  • Executioner: Executioners’ basic attacks and spells always critically strike targets below a certain amount of health. Active at 2/3/4 units.
    • Champions: Kindred, Kayle, Xayah
  • Fabled: Fabled champions’ spells gain an additional effect. Active at three units.
    • Champions: Neeko, Cho’Gath, unknown
  • Slayer: Slayers gain Lifesteal that increases at lower Health, and deal bonus damage that increases based off their target’s missing Health. Active at 3/6 units.
    • Champions: Zed, Olaf, Samira, Tryndamere, Darius
  • Syphoner: All allies heal for some of the damage they deal with spells and attacks. Active at 2/4 units.
    • Champions: Nasus, Vladimir, Morgana, Swain

Changes to Live from 11.1


1 cost


  • Is now a Spirit Assassin
  • HP: 500 >>> 550
  • Spell Shield: 200/300/400 >>> 200/300/450
  • Spell Orbs: 4/5/6 >>> 4/5/7
  • Orb Damage: 70/80/90 >>> 80/90/100


  • Stun Duration: 1.5/2/3 seconds >>> 2.5/3/4 seconds

2 cost


  • Spell Damage: 300/400/900 >>> 250/400/900


  • Is now a Cultist Assassin Slayer
  • Mana: 75/125 >>> 60/120
  • Spell Damage: 125/200/375 >>> 100/175/275


  • Is now a Ninja Slayer
  • AS: 0.75 >>> 0.8

3 cost


  • Attack speed: 0.9 >>> 1


  • Is now a Spirit Executioner


  • Mana: 70/150 >>> 80/160


  • Attack Speed: 0.6 >>> 0.65

4 cost


  • Spell Damage: 250/450/1250 >>> 350/550/1500


  • Is now an Enlightened Syphoner
  • Spell no longer heals Morgana for a portion of the damage dealt. Now instead reduces enemy AD by a percentage.

5 cost


  • Knock Up Duration: 2 >>> 1.5 sec
  • Slow Duration: 4 >>> 3

Lee Sin

  • Spell Damage: 250/450/1000 >>> 200/375/1000


  • Armor and MR Reduction: 60% >>> 40%



  • Critical Strike Damage: 30/60/90 >>> 25/60/120
  • Critical Change Bonus: 10/25/40 >>> 10/30/60
  • HP: 400/800/1200/1800 >>> 400/700/1100/1600
  • Now additionally grants 10/20/60/120 bonus AD to the Brawlers


  • Galio Health: 800/1400/2000 >>> 800/1300/2000
  • Galio AD: 75/160/280 >>> 80/165/330
  • Galio Star Multiplier: 14% >>> 16%
  • Supreme Overlord Galio (Cultist 9) now gains 20 Armor and Magic Resistance


  • Attack Speed per Stack: 12/20/35/60% >>> 15/20/40/60%


  • Armor & MR Per Stack: 20/30/40 >>> 15/25/40


  • Mana Bonus: 50/70/100% >>> 50/100/150%


  • Shield: 150/225/350 >>> 150/200/275


  • Reworked from 3/6/9 breakpoints to 3/5/7
    • Mage (3): 80% of spellpower
    • Mage (5): 100% of spellpower
    • Mage (7): 150% of spellpower


  • MR Bonus: 40/100/200 >>> 40/120/300


  • Number of Bounces: 1/2/3 >>> 2/3/4
  • Damage Reduction per Bounce: 55/50/45% >>> 65/50/35%


  • Rework: Spirit will now grant flat attack speed the first time a Spirit unit casts
    • Spirit (2): 20% Attack Speed
    • Spirit (4): 35% Attack Speed
  • Chosen Spirit champions grant double the attack speed
  • Armor: 120/300/750/2000 >>> 100/250/500/1000
  • Now additionally grants 20/40/70/100 Magic Resist to the Vanguards


  • Health: 200/450/700 >>> 250/550/850
  • Spell Power: 20/40/70 >>> 25/55/85


  • Giantslayer Max Damage: 90% >>> 80%
  • Hextech Gunblade Max Shield: 400 >>> 300
  • Hurricane Bonus Damage: 90% >>> 80%
  • Statikk Shiv Bounces: 3/4/5 >>> 4/5/6
Call of Duty

Warzone fans argue that Black Ops Cold War’s guns should be removed

Published: 17/Jan/2021 1:32

by Theo Salaun


Call of Duty: Warzone’s fans are reacting to weeks of meta concerns and bugs by engaging in a large, heated debate about repealing Black Ops Cold War’s integration and removing all BOCW guns from Verdansk.

An active community is a talkative community and, at the very least, Warzone can certainly appreciate a fanbase that has… a lot to say. Across social media, the CoD battle royale’s players have ramped up discourse in the weeks since Treyarch and Raven Software’s BOCW integrated with Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare-based Warzone.

Now, following surges on Twitter, and a Reddit thread with hundreds of comments and thousands of upvotes/downvotes alike, concerned fans have keyed in on one prominent suggestion: to repeal integration and remove BOCW’s guns entirely.

While this idea may not be realistic one, it embodies a period of frustration with numerous bugs and overpowered gun concerns after their inclusion. As such, the heated argument has found moments of nuance beneath the generally reductionist sentiment.

We can all agree on this… from CODWarzone

A meme shared across both Warzone subreddits proffers a simple solution to help the battle royale return to its glory days: “Repeal and replace the Cold War integration.”

With thousands of upvotes and hundreds of comments, it appears that weeks of stim-glitch abuse, invisibility bugs and, more importantly, Cold War weapon superiority have truly made an impact on the game’s most active fans.

While many commenters do echo the concern, some noting that they “liked Warzone before the Cold War integration,” others have been more accommodating to developers’ efforts.

Numerous fans have gone against the post’s grain, arguing that integration is a good thing and that properly balancing the arsenal should be the goal — not outright removing everything.

black ops cold war dmr
Even after nerfs, BOCW’s DMR is still lethal in Warzone.

At the heart of controversy is the DMR 14, which has dominated the meta alongside the MAC-10 and dual Diamattis within a few days of BOCW Season 1. Now, numerous updates later, all three guns (as well as the lurking Type 63) have all been nerfed twice — meaning the meta is much more flexible.

It remains to be seen if these adjustments will be enough to satiate Warzone’s fans, but they’re, at the very least, a step in the right direction. While perfect balance is as unlikely possibility as Activision fully repealing their new game’s content, there is some middle ground to find in Verdansk.