TFT devs planning to bring back Galaxies, Fates in future game modes

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Teamfight Tactics Galaxies header
Riot Games

Missed out on past TFT sets like Galaxies, Fates, Rise of the Elements, or even Set 1? Riot are looking at bringing back those experiences in the future for new players in future game modes, although they could still be a while away.

As players dig into TFT Reckoning, it can be easy to look back and think about the past. Whether you were a Mech main or a Fortune highroller, there has been something about TFT sets gone by that you miss.

Riot wants to tap into that feeling again in the future of Teamfight Tactics.

No matter if you are a new player in Reckoning who never got the chance to play old sets, or miss some of the old mechanics, the devs want to bring those experiences back.

The only thing stopping them is how big of a task faces them.

TFT Fates header art
Riot Games
TFT Fates and its Chosen mechanic was a hit with players from Day 1.

Lead developer Stephen ‘Mortdog’ Mortimer told players on Reddit that while “there is a lot of work to be done to bring back an old set,” it’s on the developers’ wish list.

“Lots of players didn’t start TFT until Galaxies or Fates, so giving them a chance to try the old stuff would be fun,” he said.

There is a major concern that bringing back old sets, even in a limited-time Labs experiment, would get very stale very quickly.

“I think playing Launch Set or [Rise of the Elements] for a weekend or something sounds awesome, but we see this with other games like [Hearthstone] or [Magic The Gathering] that the appeal very quickly loses its luster,” Mortdog added.

“We also likely wouldn’t have ranked queues for multiple sets at the same time, and we know players really lose motivation without ranked.”

Qiyana moving to mid lane more in LoL 10.2 patch
Qiyana’s element-bending skills are still yet to be replicated in TFT since Rise of the Elements.

Riot also has to consider whether they remake the items for each set rebuild to their original states, and even board sizes after Riot changed the layout after Set 1.

“We just need to find the right time to get that work done, compared to other value we could be adding,” Mortdog said.

With plenty of requested features like TFT-exclusive champions, more Labs game modes, and even future Set updates, there’s not a lot of time for developers to dig into past sets.

However, don’t lose hope, because Riot wants it as much as the players.

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