TFT dev Mortdog reveals massive changes to hero augments for Patch 13.3

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Teamfight Tactics Game Director Mortdog has revealed brand new changes involving a reroll system specifically made for hero augments, which will launch with Patch 13.3 for TFT.

Teamfight Tactics is currently in its 8th set. With TFT: Monster’s Attack well underway, players have come across several problems with the current set’s mechanics.

Hero Augments is the newest mechanic to come with Set 8, like regular augments in Set 6, they grant various bonuses to the player’s board. Regular augments are offered 3 times each match, and players have a choice between. Players are allowed a single reroll if they wish to swap out their current selection of augments for something else, but once used means they’re gone for the rest of the game.

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The big issue in Set 8 is that Hero Augments are only offered once per game, and have a decidedly far greater impact than regular augments. Alongside the fact that there are 2 unique augments for each hero, it means there’s a good chance you won’t get the augment you want.

Fortunately, Game Director Mortdog has revealed planned changes coming to hero augment selection on Twitter.

The post details that Hero Augments will be receiving their own set of rerolls. Everyone will receive 4 rerolls that they can use only on player augments, meaning in total players will be able to see 15 hero augments before needing to choose one.

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This is a huge change from the current version and has been praised by many community members, who have felt the current version is too limiting for a strategic game such as TFT.

The changes will come with the next League of Legends patch 13.3. We’ll be sure to keep you posted with any further announcements on the TFT side in the coming days.