TFT Lunar Gala event details: Fortune’s Favor game mode, rewards & missions

TFT Lunar Gala event headerRiot Games

TFT Set 8 is kicking off 2023 with a new Lunar Gala event to celebrate Lunar New Year. With it comes a new set of missions and rewards and the autobattler’s first temporary game mode: Fortune’s Favor. Here’s what you need to know.

TFT has been ramping up the in-game events since they first debuted in Set 5. With more opportunities to earn more rewards, as well as fun little side stories involving beloved characters of the Convergence, they’re a fun distraction from the regular grind.

The Lunar Gala, here to celebrate the Lunar New Year, is the biggest yet. While it includes the usual trimmings of missions and rewards to chase, there’s also an entirely new game mode to dabble with for just the one month the event lingers around.

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Here’s what you need to know about TFT’s Lunar Gala, including how Fortune’s Favor works, and when you can play.

Chibi Lunar New Year Annie in TFTRiot Games
Celebrate the Lunar New Year with TFT’s Lunar Gala event.

TFT Lunar Gala event rewards & missions

Like every TFT in-game event previously, the Lunar Gala will present players with a mini storyline and missions to complete for some rewards. It’s not a big affair like the battle pass that drops with every set, but it’s still a bit of fun.

According to the description, the event “is an interactive hub where you’ll help Chibi Panda Annie prepare for a party at the House of the Golden Rabbit—but the notorious party-pooper, Aurelion Sol, won’t make it easy for you.

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“Win Aurelion Sol over through the power of friendship, or give him the cold shoulder in hopes that he rage quits the party by completing 15 missions that’ll reward you with a grand total of 1 Emote, 1600 Pass XP, 100 Star Shards, and 1 Egg that contains any of our Lunar Revel themed Little Legends.”

The exact layout of these Lunar Gala missions and rewards we will outline once the event goes live with TFT patch 13.1.

Lunar Revel Bun Bun in TFTRiot Games
This Lunar Revel Bun Bun is one of 21 exclusive Little Legends available during the event.

New Fortune’s Favor game mode

The big news out of the TFT Lunar Gala event is the release of a new Labs game mode for TFT, Fortune’s Favor. It’s the first temporary game mode in the autobattler’s history, akin to ARURF or Nexus Blitz for League of Legends rather than just another queue like Double Up.

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It’s all about going big or going home. There are big fortunes to be attained ⁠— the first carousel will always contain four or five-cost champions, and every stage is an opportunity to get bonus loot from the Golden Bun Bun.

The Golden Bun Bun also brings back the “stimmy” mechanic, with players getting a Golden Orb after dropping below 50 health for the first time. It’s all about making the comps of your dreams with plenty of wild items and champions from Stage 1, so have some fun!

TFT Lunar Gala event release date

TFT’s Lunar Gala event goes live just after the launch of TFT patch 13.1. The event kicks off on January 12, 2023, with players having until the start of TFT patch 13.3 on February 9, 2023 to grind through all the missions, test out the new game mode, and win all of the exclusive rewards.

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