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TFT Fates battle pass details: cost, tiers, rewards, more

Published: 14/Sep/2020 6:00 Updated: 18/Sep/2020 3:16

by Andrew Amos


Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Fates is here, which means a new battle pass has arrived. This one for Set 4 is bigger than any TFT battle pass previously, with an extra 12 tiers to grind through, which means even more rewards.

TFT Fates has officially launched with on September 16 with Patch 10.19. 58 new champions are descending onto the Convergence, including some special Chosen ones that are powered up to the max.

This set is vastly different to ones before it, and it needs a battle pass to reflect that. Riot have pulled through with the goods though, with the biggest TFT battle pass yet to celebrate Fates. Curious? Let’s break it down.


How much does the battle pass cost?

There are two options for the TFT Fates battle pass: the free track, and the Pass+. The free track is exactly as it says ⁠— free. You won’t have to pay a dime to get it, and you’ll have access to all the same missions as Pass+ players. The rewards you get will be limited.

If you want to get the most out of your TFT Fates experience, you’ll want to pick up the Pass+. For 1295 RP, you’ll get access to dozens more rewards, including little legends, arenas, booms, and more.

If you decide you want to upgrade to a Pass+ later on in the set, you won’t have to start from square one again. All your progress will be saved, and you’ll immediately be able to redeem rewards from tiers you’ve already completed. If you don’t play a lot of TFT normally but end up finishing the pass, you can just pick it up at the end to reap all the rewards.


TFT Fates Pass+ in League of Legends shop
Riot Games
The TFT Fates Pass+ is worth it if you find yourself grinding this set.

How many tiers are there in the TFT Fates battle pass?

There are 45 tiers in the TFT Fates battle pass, much more than previous passes for the autobattler. This means that the grind is likely to be a bit steeper this time around compared to the past.

However, despite the extra tiers, the grind will be similar to the Galaxies pass: around 26,000 XP. This means to max out your battle pass, you’ll need to set aside a few weeks.

Thankfully, to help you out, there’ll be missions released in the client every week to try and get you that much-needed XP. We will table them below as Riot adds them.


TFT Fates battle pass missions

Name Objective Reward
Welcome to Fates! Play a match of TFT Fates 200 Pass XP
Star of the Show Combine 10 three-star units 200 Pass XP
Play Play a match of TFT 400 Pass XP
Leveling Up Level up 40 times 200 Pass XP
The Boss Activate the 1 The Boss trait 200 Pass XP
Glow Up Activate the 3 Moonlight trait 200 Pass XP
I’ll Protect You Activate the 4 Mystic trait 200 Pass XP
Be Afraid Activate the 4 Dusk trait 200 Pass XP
Throwing Shade Activate the 3 Shade trait 200 Pass XP
The Ritual Activate the 6 Cultist trait 200 Pass XP
Open Fire Activate the 4 Sharpshooter trait 200 Pass XP
Ascension Activate the 6 Divine trait 200 Pass XP
Believe in Magic Activate the 6 Mage trait 200 Pass XP
Call of the Wild Activate the 6 Elderwood trait 200 Pass XP
Come At Me Activate the 4 Duelist trait 200 Pass XP
Expertise Activate the 3 Adept trait 200 Pass XP
Hold Fast Activate the 6 Vanguard trait 200 Pass XP
Knuckle Sandwich Activate the 6 Brawler trait 200 Pass XP
Lucky You Activate the 3 Fortune trait 200 Pass XP
Mind of Matter Activate the 6 Enlightened trait 200 Pass XP
Ninja Squad Activate the 4 Ninja trait 200 Pass XP
On the Hunt Activate the 4 Hunter trait 200 Pass XP
Prepare for War Activate the 6 Warlord trait 200 Pass XP
Rally the Troops Activate the 1 Emperor trait 200 Pass XP
Razzle Dazzle Activate the 4 Dazzler trait 200 Pass XP
Sneak Attack Activate the 4 Assassin trait 200 Pass XP
Soaring Spirits Activate the 4 Spirit trait 200 Pass XP
Split Decision Activate the 1 Tormented trait 200 Pass XP
Strength in Numbers Activate the 4 Keeper trait 200 Pass XP
The Brothers Activate the 2 Exile trait 200 Pass XP
Big Boss Upgrade Sett to 2* 200 Pass XP
Big Yone Upgrade Yone to 2* 200 Pass XP

What rewards are on offer?

You know what more tiers means? More rewards to earn. The TFT Fates battle pass is chock full of little legends, arenas, booms, emotes, eggs, and more for you to get your hands on.

There’s also new Star Shards involved, allowing you to level up some of your already-owned Little Legends. There’s 360 Star Shards you can pick up, which is enough to star up any Little Legend to three stars.

Most of these rewards are only on offer if you pick up the Pass+ though. If you go down the free path, you’ll only get a few emotes, eggs, and the Journey’s Destination arena at the end. You can find the full list of rewards below.


Level Reward XP Track
1 Jade Emperor Sprite 0 Pass+
2 Pwease Emote 100 Free
3 Curtain Call Boom I 200 Pass+
4 30 Star Shards 300 Pass+
5 Heroic Hatchling Egg 400 Pass+
6 Kanmei Burst Boom I 500 Pass+
7 Random Emote 700 Free
8 30 Star Shards 1,100 Pass+
9 Curtain Call Boom II 1,400 Pass+
10 30 Star Shards 1,700 Pass+
11 Lucky Fuwa I 2,000 Pass+
12 Little Legend Egg 1-6 2,500 Free
13 Curtain Call Boom III 3,000 Pass+
14 30 Star Shards 3,500 Pass+
15 Kanmei Burst Boom II 4,000 Pass+
16 Random Emote 4,500 Free
17 30 Star Shards 5,000 Pass+
18 Shadow Scrawl Boom I 5,500 Pass+
19 30 Star Shards 6,000 Pass+
20 Journey’s Outset Arena 6,500 Pass+
21 Hooray Emote 7,000 Free
22 Kanmei Burst Boom III 7,500 Pass+
23 Heroic Hatchling Egg 8,000 Pass+
24 30 Star Shards 8,500 Pass+
25 Shadow Scrawl Boom II 9,000 Pass+
26 Little Legend Egg 1-6 9,500 Free
27 30 Star Shards 10,000 Pass+
28 Tidal Leaves Boom I 10,500 Pass+
29 30 Star Shards 11,000 Pass+
30 Journey’s Path Arena 11,500 Pass+
31 Random Emote 12,000 Free
32 Tidal Leaves Boom II 12,500 Pass+
33 30 Star Shards 13,000 Pass+
34 Shadow Scrawl Boom III 13,500 Pass+
35 Heroic Hatchling Egg 14,000 Pass+
36 Little Legend Egg 1-6 14,500 Free
37 30 Star Shards 15,000 Pass+
38 Tidal Leaves Boom III 15,500 Pass+
39 30 Star Shards 16,000 Pass+
40 Lucky Fuwa II 17,000 Pass+
41 Journey’s Destination Arena 18,000 Free
42 Little Legend Egg 1-6 19,500 Free
43 Heroic Hatchling Egg 21,500 Pass+
44 Legendary Little Legend Egg 24,000 Pass+
45 You’re Already Dead Egg 26,500 Pass+
TFT Fates loading screen
Riot Games
You’ll have a few months to complete the TFT Fates pass.

When does the TFT Fates battle pass expire?

The TFT Fates battle pass will run from September 16 when the set launches on Patch 10.19 all the way through to the Mid-Set update. That has been pencilled in for 19 January 2021, so you have about four months to get through it.