TFT Dragonlands Pass details: All rewards & missions in Set 7

TFT Dragonlands Pass+ ticketRiot Games

There’s a new set of missions and rewards to grind in TFT Set 7 with the new Dragonlands pass. If you want to get all the rewards including limited-time tacticians and arenas, be sure to get grinding right away.

Riot is welcoming players to the Dragonlands in TFT Set 7, and now they’re handing out rewards for you being here.

It’s a bit overwhelming with the overhauled champions and traits, the Dragon mechanic, and the new Augments. However, the payoff for the grind is exclusive rewards you’ll only be able to earn during this Set through the in-game pass.

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Here’s how the TFT Dragonlands pass works, and how you can quickly grind the missions to earn all the rewards.

TFT Dragonlands keyartRiot Games
Make the most of Dragonlands by completing the new TFT pass.

How much does the TFT Dragonlands pass cost?

The TFT Dragonlands pass follows the same two-speed strategy as previous Sets. There is a Free pass players all players get without lifting a finger, and a Premium pass called the Pass+ you have to cough up the cash for.

The Free pass gives players access to the same missions as the Premium pass ⁠— so you won’t progress any slower without it ⁠— but you’ll only be able to unlock limited rewards.

The TFT Dragonlands Pass+, which costs 1295RP ($10 USD), gives players access to an exclusive Egg Sprite tactician as well as all the 40-plus rewards unlockable by grinding out the game.

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If you want to get those exclusive Arenas, Booms, and more, you’ll need to buy the Premium edition. However, don’t feel pressured into buying it straight away ⁠— you can always purchase it down the line and unlock all the rewards you’ve missed along the way without having to grind further.

TFT Jade Arena in TFT Set 7Riot Games
Unlock exclusive Arenas through the TFT Dragonlands Pass+.

TFT Dragonlands pass missions

Riot offers fortnightly and Set-long missions to help players complete their TFT Dragonlands pass. These missions give a healthy dose of experience which really adds up when you get to the final few levels.

Here’s what you need to do to complete these missions across TFT Dragonlands.

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Mission Objective Reward
A Festival of Fire Launch 20 Revel fireworks in a single round 400 XP
Ao Shin’s Unending Storm Field a 2-star Volibear with Statikk Shiv, and damage enemies with Tempest’s lightning strike 20 times 800 XP
Ascend to the Heavens Place 1st or 2nd in Standard or Hyper Roll, or place 1st in Double Up 200 XP
Aurelion Sol’s Unmatched Majesty 3-star 10 Astral Units, or heal 15 health with the Starcaller trait 800 XP
Awaken the Dragon Spirits 2-star a Dragon 200 XP
Corruption of Sy’fen Use Zephyr or Shroud of Stillness on an opposing Dragon, and kill 12 enemies with Pyke ultimate 800 XP
Daeja’s Shattered Bond Field the Mirage trait in 4 different games, and field a champion with a Mage emblem and the Mage trait active 800 XP
Discover Ancient Treasures Claim 3 Dragon Treasures 600 XP
Golden Curse of Idas Claim 20 Dragon Treasures, and receive 15 Shimmerscale items 800 XP
Guidance of the Ancients Reroll an Augment Offering 200 XP
Multiclass Into Rogue Field a Guild unit with Thief’s Gloves 400 XP
My Blade, Your Claw Field Yasuo with the Dragonmancer Hero buff 400 XP
Neeko is Big Dragon Too Have Neeko mimic a 2-star Dragon champion 400 XP
Rummage Through the Hoard Reroll 1 Dragon Treasure 200 XP
Serenity of Shi Oh Yu Field 10 Jade Statues, and field a Dragonmancer Hero with a Dragon’s Claw 800 XP
Shyvana’s Raging Flame Field a 2-star Ragewing champion with Guinsoo’s Rageblade and Ragewing active, and deal 25,000 damage with Dragons or the Dragonling 800 XP
The Accursed Wyrms Kill a unit with the empowered attack of a 2-star Sy’fen, and field Idas with two Shimmerscale items 800 XP
The Legendary Trio Field Ao Shin alongside a unit equipped with Statikk Shiv or Ionic Spark, and have Aurelion Sol cast three times in a single combat, and have a 2-star Shyvana transform 1200 XP
The Solitary Ancients Stun or knock up 25 enemies with Shi Oh Yu, and reduce enemy magic resistance 150 times with Daeja 800 XP
The Very Hungry Dragonling Field Trainer 3 and a level 3+ Dragonling 400 XP
You All Meet In A Tavern Field Guild 5+ 400 XP

TFT Dragonlands pass rewards

By pushing through levels in the TFT Dragonlands pass, you’ll gain rewards along the way. Free players will earn rewards every few tiers, while Pass+ holders will get something every single level up.

You can find the full list of rewards ⁠— from Emotes to Booms to Little Legend Eggs and more ⁠— below.

Level Reward Pass
0 Egg Sprite Pass+
1 What If…? Emote Free
2 1-star Spitfire Boom  Pass+
3 50 Star Shards  Pass+
4 Dragonlands Egg  Pass+
5 1-star Dragon Tempest Boom  Pass+
6 Random Emote Free
7 50 Star Shards  Pass+
8 1-star Dragon Dancer Ossia Little Legend  Pass+
9 Mighty Roar Boom  Pass+
10 50 Star Shards  Pass+
11 Series 1-10 Little Legend Egg Free
12 1-star Reality Rift Boom  Pass+
13 Blackcliff Gorge Arena  Pass+
14 2-star Spitfire Boom  Pass+
15 Dragonlands Egg  Pass+
16 Random Emote Free
17 2-star Dragon Tempest Boom  Pass+
18 50 Star Shards  Pass+
19 2-star Mighty Roar Boom  Pass+
20 Series 1-10 Little Legend Egg Free
21 Shimmerstone Fields Arena  Pass+
22 2-star Reality Rift Boom  Pass+
23 50 Star Shards  Pass+
24 You’re The Best! Emote Free
25 Dragonlands Egg  Pass+
26 3-star Spitfire Boom  Pass+
27 50 Star Shards  Pass+
28 Series 1-10 Little Legend Egg Free
29 3-star Dragon Tempest Boom  Pass+
30 Jadebloom Oasis Arena  Pass+
31 50 Star Shards  Pass+
32 Random Emote Free
33 3-star Mighty Roar Boom  Pass+
34 50 Star Shards  Pass+
35 Dragonlands Egg  Pass+
36 Unstoppable Emote Free
37 2-star Dragon Dancer Ossia Little Legend  Pass+
38 3-star Reality Rift Boom  Pass+
39 50 Star Shards  Pass+
40 Dragonlands Egg Free
41 Legendary Little Legend Egg Free
42 Dragon Nursery Arena  Pass+
Bonus 1 Dragonlands: Enchanting Emote  Pass+
Bonus 2 Dragonlands: Stellar Emote  Pass+
Bonus 3 Dragonlands: Beyond Compare Emote  Pass+

TFT Dragonlands pass expiry

The TFT Dragonlands pass will expire once the Set 7.5 update comes around later this year. You’ll have around three months to grind it out though ⁠— the timer in-game lists the pass as expiring on September 8, 2022, lining up with TFT patch 12.17 later in the year.

Be sure to complete your missions and grind in time to unlock all the rewards before the Mid-Set update rolls around!

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