TFT dev Mortdog outlines Ox Force Trait rework set for patch 13.8

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Lead Designer on Teamfight Tactics Mortdog has revealed that the problematic Ox Force trait has been slated for a rework set to arrive in the game in Patch 13.8.

Set 8.5 for Riot’s auto-battler Teamfight Tactics was recently released to the excited player base. Alongside some of the larger changes such as Glitched Out Carousels and rotating traits/ units, we received a rework to one of the more problematic traits Ox Force.

Ox Force was a trait introduced in Set 8 of Teamfight Tactics. The trait granted its units ramping Attack Speed as they lost more health, then gave them a second of invulnerability as a last stand. Ox Force wasn’t considered an extremely popular trait as a vertical within Set 8 and became a trait used for the second of invulnerability.

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Come Set 8.5 and the trait was reworked slightly to better suit the units coming and going with the update. Instead of Attack Speed, Ox Force units were instead given flat armor and magic resistance, reinforcing the idea of a tankier, more frontline-orientated trait.

Unfortunately, Ox Force has run into the same problem in Set 8.5, where its main usage is for the full second of invulnerability, making the trait an insanely powerful frontline. The full second of invulnerability allowed for plenty of stalling, allowing backline units such as Miss Fortune and Twisted Fate to cast their abilities multiple times. However, Riot developer Mortdog has revealed an upcoming rework planned to make the trait a little more healthy.

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Lead Designer Mortdog reveals Ox Force rework slated for Patch 13.8

Mortdog teased on their Twitter page that Patch 13.8 would house the final patch for any major reworks for Set 8.5 as they head toward the Championships. One of these major reworks was to Ox Force, completely removing the invulnerability from the trait. The invulnerability window will be replaced with a shield equal to half of the unit’s maximum health.

This change revolves around making the Ox Force units tankier, and relies on itemizing them with health items so the shield gains the maximum value.

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Players were quick to applaud Mortdog for the rework, with many sick of the trait’s prevalence in the current set.

Riot has yet to reveal if there are any other traits slated for reworks in Patch 13.8, but the player base is certainly happy to see Ox Force being changed.

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