TFT Armories are being reworked in patch 11.12 with full items, even Neeko’s Help

Andrew Amos
Teemo TFT Armory
Riot Games

The Armory was added to TFT Set 5 as a new way to get items to try and increase player agency. However, just two patches into Reckoning, and Riot are already upping the ante to 11, expanding the Armory to include full items, and even Neeko’s Help.

TFT’s new Armory system has been a hit with players so far through Reckoning. The shop gives players access to Shadow Items and components to help flesh out their board, ultimately putting the power back in their hands and not RNG.

However, within just a few weeks of Reckoning’s release, Riot are already making some big changes to the Armory. In fact, they’re practically reworking how it works entirely.

Vayne TFT Set 5 Reckoning
Riot Games
The Armory changes in TFT patch 11.12 will increase its power.

Coming in TFT patch 11.12, the new changes will add more Armories into the game at 5-2 and beyond, instead of just ending at 4-2.

These new Armories won’t appear every time though. There’s a chance they won’t spawn. However, if they do, they’ll be jampacked with amazing items.

Players will be able to pick up completed items, special items like Neeko’s Help, Reforger, Item Remover, and Loaded Dice, as well as Emblems to build new traits. It’s a lot more than just components.

These special Armories have a chance to appear at 3-2, 5-2, 6-2, and beyond. The 2-2 and 4-2 Armories will remain unchanged and will only give components.

“Players who survive 5-6 stages should expect to see about 1-2 of these new Armories, in addition to the classic armories that’ll drop as normal,” the TFT developers said on Twitter.

“However, there’s also a chance you won’t see any, even if you don’t take an eighth.”

TFT patch 11.12 is expected to launch on June 9.