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Teamfight Tactics: Riot reveal new Star Guardian Little Legends coming in Patch 9.18

by Joe O'Brien


Riot Games have revealed a new set of Little Legends for Teamfight Tactics inspired by the ‘Star Guardian’ League of Legends skin line.

Little Legends are the avatars players use in Teamfight Tactics, which they can move around the board during games. Little Legends are used to grab items from the shared draft carousel, but aside from that have little impact aside from giving players a character to control more directly.

To allow players to express themselves more through their in-game avatars, Riot have released a variety of Little Legends, each of which comes in multiple variants.

Riot have now revealed the latest set of Little Legends that will be arriving a few days after Patch 9.18, which is scheduled to go live on September 11. The new Little Legends are inspired by the popular Star Guardian style of skins in League of Legends itself, although they aren’t yet linked to any particular champions.


Riot Games
Riot Games


  • Dango
  • Gingersnap Dango
  • Lemondrop Dango
  • Bubblegum Dango
  • Limeberry Dango
  • Sugar Crash Dango


Riot Games
Riot Games


  • Fuwa
  • Last Wish Fuwa
  • Lovestruck Fuwa
  • Eclipse Fuwa
  • Firecracker Fuwa
  • Daystar Fuwa


Riot Games
Riot Games


  • Shisa
  • Heroic Shisa
  • Littlest Shisa
  • Fiecracker Shisa
  • Sundrop Shisa
  • Corrupted Shisa

Like other Little Legends, the base versions will be available for direct purchase for 750 RP. Those looking for a particular variant, however, will have to try their luck with Rare Little Legend eggs, which cost 490 RP each and may not contain the specific Little Legend you’re looking for.

The new Star Guardian Little Legends aren’t the only significant feature of the next major Teamfight Tactics update. In what Riot have described as the “biggest patch of the set”, there will also be a new basic item – bringing with it nine new major items – and a change to the drop system that will allow for champions to also drop as loot from neutral monsters in the PvE rounds.