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TFT Patch 10.13 notes: Battlecast buffs, Binary Star galaxy, more

Published: 23/Jun/2020 20:00 Updated: 25/Jun/2020 7:21

by Andrew Amos


The fallout of Teamfight Tactics’ (TFT) Mid-Set update was remarkably tame, considering the multitude of changes. However, some things are being finetuned in Patch 10.13, including buffs to the underpowered Battlecast, as well as a new galaxy being added.

The TFT Mid-Set update introduced 14 new champions, a few new traits, and completely shook up the meta. While things are still getting evened out, there are a few things that noticeably need tinkering.

Most notably is the new Battlecast trait, which has fallen a bit flat since arriving in Patch 10.12. Some OP compositions like Cybernetics will be getting changes in the opposite direction. Plus, a new Binary Star galaxy will throw a spanner into the works of some compositions.


Battlecast trait & three champions being buffed

The Battlecast trait ⁠— outside of Urgot and Cassiopeia ⁠— has landed a bit weak in Teamfight Tactics.

In Patch 10.13, Riot are looking to lift the rest of the trait up, buffing Kog’Maw, Nocturne, and Illaoi individually, as well as the class as a whole. Battlecast’s healing and extra damage will be up at all levels ⁠— with an extra 10 at two units, to an extra 280 at eight.

The amount of armor and MR Illaoi steals is also going up, while damage is up across the board for Kog’Maw, and Nocturne. The changes should hopefully make Battlecast a trait worth pursuing.

Battlecast Kog'Maw in TFT
Riot Games
All Battlecast champions are getting a leg-up in TFT Patch 10.13.

New Binary Star galaxy replaces Medium Legends

New patch equals a new galaxy in Teamfight Tactics. Each galaxy has the chance to shake up the meta drastically, and the Binary Star universe will certainly throw a spanner in the works every game it comes around.

The Binary Star galaxy will only allow players to equip two items on a champion instead of three. This could have a drastic impact on how some carry comps are played, forcing players to be a bit more diverse in the units they give items to ⁠— and what they equip.

Of course, this means one galaxy from the first half of the set will be departing the arena. Medium Legends ⁠— which increased the HP of every player ⁠— will be removed from all queues after the launch of Patch 10.13.

Star Guardian Xayah and Rakan in TFT
Riot Games
Some carry comps will struggle in the Binary Star galaxy.

Outside of the changes to Battlecast and the new galaxy, some units are being adjusted slightly. Dark Star champions are getting a buff after a slight rework to the trait was shipped in the Mid-Set update. Bard, Darius, and Xayah are also getting a leg-up.

On the other hand, Cassiopeia, Ekko, Fizz, Jayce, Jinx, Master Yi, Nautilus, Riven, Teemo, and Thresh are being nerfed, alongside Blademasters, Cybernetics, and Mystics.

Project Irelia in TFT
Riot Games
Cybernetics have been targeted with nerfs for TFT Patch 10.13.

You can find the full set of patch notes below, courtesy of Riot Games.

TFT Patch 10.13 notes


  • If you are ranked Master or above, you may now only queue solo in Ranked.



  • New Galaxy: Binary Star. Champions can only hold two items.
  • Medium Legends Galaxy has been removed from the game.
  • Binary Star will occur in 10% of games.


  • Raised the minimum number of items that can drop in a game by 1.


Balance and Adjustments

  • Battlecast Damage or Healing: 70/160/325/600 ⇒ 80/180/480/880
  • Blademaster Chance for Bonus Attacks: 30/70/100 ⇒ 30/65/100
  • Blaster Bonus Attacks: 3/5 ⇒ 3/6
  • Cybernetic Bonus Attack Damage: 40/80 ⇒ 40/75
  • Dark Star Bonus Attack Damage & Ability Power: 8/16/24/32 ⇒ 8/18/28/38
  • Infiltrator Bonus Attack Speed: 40/70/120 ⇒ 40/80/120
  • Mystic Magic Resistance: 50/125 ⇒ 50/120


Tier 1 Champions

  • Illaoi Health: 650 ⇒ 700
  • Illaoi Tentacle Smash Defense Stealing: 20/30/50% ⇒ 30/40/60%
  • Illaoi Defense Stealing Duration: 4 ⇒ 6 seconds
  • Nocturne Attack Speed: 0.7 ⇒ 0.75
  • Nocturne Unspeakable Horror Damage: 200/250/350 ⇒ 200/250/400
  • Xayah Total Mana: 70 ⇒ 60

Tier 2 Champions

  • Darius Armor: 35 ⇒ 40
  • Darius Magic Resist: 20 ⇒ 30
  • Darius Dreadnova Guillotine Damage: 400/500/750 ⇒ 400/550/800
  • Kog’Maw Health: 500 ⇒ 550
  • Kog’Maw Total Mana: 40 ⇒ 30
  • Kog’Maw Barrage % Max HP Damage: 2/4/7% ⇒ 2/4/8%
  • Nautilus Impact Crater Stun Duration: 3/3.5/4 ⇒ 3/3/5 seconds
  • Nautilus Mana: 60/120 ⇒ 50/120

Tier 3 Champions

  • Bard Cast time significantly reduced
  • Cassiopeia Poison Duration: 12 seconds ⇒ 14 seconds
  • Jayce Health: 850 ⇒ 800
  • Master Yi Chosen One Damage: 75/100/200 ⇒ 75/100/175

Tier 4 Champions

  • Fizz Starting Mana: 60 ⇒ 50
  • Gnar Health on Transform: 750/1250/2500 ⇒ 750/1250/4000
  • Gnar Attack Damage on Transform: 100/175/400 ⇒ 100/175/550
  • GNAR! Stun Duration: 2 ⇒ 1.5 seconds
  • Jinx Get Excited!Bonus Attack Speed: 60/75/100% ⇒ 50/70/100%
  • Riven Energy Slash Shield: 250/400/1000 ⇒ 225/375/1000
  • Teemo Satellite Damage: 125/175/600 ⇒ 125/175/550
  • Teemo Satellite Slow Duration: 4 ⇒ 3 seconds

Tier 5 Champions

  • Ekko Chronobreak Damage: 100/200/2000 ⇒ 100/150/2000
  • Thresh Total Mana: 75 ⇒ 90


  • Bloodthirster Healing: 40% ⇒ 45%
  • Hextech Gunblade Healing: 40% ⇒ 45%
  • Jeweled Gauntlet Bonus Crit Damage: 20% ⇒ 30%
  • Statikk Shiv Damage: 80 ⇒ 90
  • Zz’Rot Portal Health: 1000/2000/3000 ⇒ 1500/2250/3000


  • Cleaned up some tooltips with respect to percentages
  • Fixed Malphite’s Energy Shield not benefiting from the Spell Power provided by Chalice of Power
  • Fixed Space Pirates rarely causing additional coin drops when equipped with Giant Slayer
  • Fixed an issue where a Kog’Maw’s attacks during Barrage could rarely become Trap Claw procs
  • Removed the unintended orange glow that would play on melee weapons of units equipped with Infinity Edge
  • Fixed an issue where Zephyr’d units could be hit by certain AoE spells like Teemo’s Satellite Traps


  • A few Team Planner bugs needed fixing.
  • Xerath was lost in space for a bit. We found him and put him back in the Team Planner.
  • We removed a few champions from the game in patch 10.12 but they hid away in the Team Planner. We found and removed them.
  • Nocturne snuck into Tier 2 in the Team Planner. We put him back into his appropriate Tier 1.
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New League of Legends champion Rell revealed: Abilities, splash art

Published: 23/Nov/2020 17:43

by Lauren Bergin


The latest champion to hit the rift in League of Legends has been identified as Rell, Riot Games’ new Iron Maiden. 

Just after the release of starry-eyed songstress and pop princess Seraphine, Riot Games’ 152nd champion is a woman of a very different disposition: Rell, the Iron Maiden, LoL’s newest tank support.

Unveiled recently in a particularly cryptic trailer, Rell is a cross between a mage and a tank, utilizing metalmancy in order to transform her metallic steed into full-blown plate armor to protect herself.

She’s unique, however, for more than just this pretty cool trait; her abilities and in-game design mark her as a very different style of champion.

Riot Games
Rell’s official Splash Art in League of Legends.

A form swapping champion

Riot’s Gameplay Design Director for League of Legends, Mark Yetter, describes Rell as bringing “a new take to form swapping champs.”

When mounted on the metal version of her horse she is a “fast and light” champion who will be able to run around the map and cause havoc with ease. On the other hand, when she wears her steed in full plate form she is “slow but heavily armored.”

Clearly, Rell will have a pretty high skill cap, and is a very situational champion. However, her abilities look like she’ll be a blast to play.

Rell’s abilities

Passive – Break the Mold

Rell attacks very slowly, but temporarily steals a portion of her target’s Armor and Magic Resist to deal bonus damage based on the amount stolen. Additionally, Rell can siphon resistances from multiple different foes to grow extremely tanky.

Q – Shattering Strike

Rell stabs forward with her lance, breaking any shields and damaging all enemies hit (damage decreases after the first target).

If Rell has an ally bound with E – Attract and Repel, she and that ally recover health for each champion hit by this ability.

W1 – Ferromancy: Crash Down
(While mounted) Rell leaps and transforms her mount into heavy armor, gaining a huge shield that lasts until destroyed or remounting. On landing, she knocks up enemies around her. Rell can cast her E and R during the change.
W2 – Ferromancy: Mount Up
(While armored) Rell rushes forward and transforms her armor into a mount, gaining a burst of movement speed. During her next attack, she charges her target to deal bonus damage and flip them over her shoulder.
E – Attract and Repel
Rell magnetically binds a piece of her armor to a target allied champion, granting them bonus Armor and Magic Resist while nearby.
Rell can recast this spell to break the bind and stun all enemies around and between her and her bound ally.
R – Magnet Storm
Rell erupts in magnetic fury, yanking nearby enemies toward her. She then creates a gravitational field around her, pulling nearby enemies in for a few seconds. The field doesn’t interrupt her enemies’ other actions.
Riot Games
Rell’s two forms in-game.

Rell’s lore explained

Rell is a product of the Black Rose Academy, the same establishment set up by the infamous trickster LeBlanc. Inducted to the school at a young age due to her metalmancy skills, Rell thrived in the harsh environment of Noxus’ most terrifying tower of terror, defeating all of the opponents her training threw at her.

It was on her 16th birthday that she grew tired of her training, as well as the victims mysteriously vanishing after she defeated them. Breaking into the forbidden wing of the Black Rose, she found her colleagues drained of magic and left as empty shells: their magic was now being used to fuel her own power through the sigils etched into her skin.

In a moment of sheer anguish she rescued the other souls trapped within the Black Rose’s walls, riding to safety and making it her personal mission to save any child twisted by the Black Rose academy.

It’ll certainly be exciting to see how Rell performs on the rift as a very different sort of champion to many of the others we’ve seen before. As soon as she’s released, we’ll let you know right here, but until then though, saddle up summoners, it’s going to be a wild rodeo!