Team Liquid coach Guilhoto slams “terrible” TSM and Immortals

TL GuilhotoTina Jo/Riot Games via ESPAT

In an interview with Travis Gafford, Team Liquid coach Guilhoto described TSM and Immortals as “worse than bad” in comparison with the rest of the LCS.

As the LCS enters its second round robin, André ‘Guilhoto’ Pereira Guilhoto had some harsh words for the league’s teams – including his own organization.

In an interview with Travis Gafford, Guilhoto discussed his thoughts on the league as a whole so far in Summer, and his prognosis was not a positive one. “I think Evil Geniuses are clearly number one right now.”

“And I honestly think everyone else is bad, more than anything – and I think that TSM and Immortals are terrible.”

Looking grim for TSM and Immortals

With the majority of the LCS shuffled into the “bad” column, Guilhoto reserved a special accolade for TSM and Immortals – the prize of being the only two teams he considered “worse than bad”.

Notably, he ranked current last-place finishers Dignitas above both TSM and Immortals – stating that the 1-9 roster was “somewhere in between bad and worse than bad”. High praise indeed.

His general consensus on the LCS’s overall level for summer 2022 was not positive. Ranking his own team amongst the middle of the standings “bad” teams, he explained that Team Liquid were “not in a good spot” right now, and that “the fact that we already have four losses in this split is not good – it’s not where we want to be”.

Team Liquid are currently tied for third place alongside FlyQuest in the LCS, sitting one win behind 100 Thieves and two wins behind Evil Geniuses – the only team in the league right now that Guilhoto would consider to be a good team.