Team BDS’s Crownie receives LFL suspension for “unacceptable” solo queue behavior

Michal Konkol/Riot Games

A competitive ruling by Riot Games has confirmed that Team BDS academy AD Carry Juš ‘Crownie’ Marušič will be suspended for the team’s next two LFL games against LDLC OL and Mirage Elyandra. The team will field LEC AD Carry Matthew ‘xMatty’ Coombes in his place during his suspension. 

It’s been a tough few weeks for Team BDS as an organization. Not only have they only picked up a single win so far in the LEC Summer split, but now their academy roster will be heading into the next week of the LFL without star AD Carry Crownie, formerly known as Crownshot.

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On June 29, Riot Games announced that Crownie would be receiving a two-game suspension for “negative behavior” on the EU West solo queue ladder. According to the announcement, the severity of the punishment comes from the fact that Crownie was already being monitored for previous instances of toxicity during solo queue games – and the repeat offense meant that a harsher penalty would be imposed.

In a post to Team BDS’s Twitter, Crownie apologized for his behavior, and stated that he “accepted the suspension” and would be “the first supporter of the team” during his absence from the team.

Crownie out, xMatty in

With Crownie unable to participate in BDS Academy’s upcoming games in the LFL, the organization have announced they will be subbing in LEC starting ADC xMatty for their games versus LDLC OL and Mirage Elyandra.

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The official ruling by Riot on substitutions between ERL and LEC teams is that players who have participated in 13 or more LEC matches are ineligible to compete in any ERL event, be it regular season, playoffs, or EU Masters. With the LEC currently only five games into the split, BDS are still able to make swaps between their LEC and LFL rosters.