T1 taking legal action over death threats to LoL team

Faker at LoL AllstarsColin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

T1 will no longer be sitting by as its team’s staff, players, and even family members receive death threats and will be taking legal action against those responsible, the League of Legends team announced on September 3.

The LoL squad has been facing new waves of threats recently after losing to Afreeca Freecs in the Wildcard match of the LCK Summer Playoffs. They will now have to fight through Regional Qualifiers in order to punch their ticket to Worlds 2020.

However, that journey has already been met with controversy, after threats were made towards the team, prompting T1 to take legal action.

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In a post on Twitter, the famed LoL squad wrote they are “preparing to take legal actions against these attacks.”

“We assure you that this is not being taken lightly,” they further added.

The attacks and seemed to begin when the team decided to bench LoL legend Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok back in August.

The threats got so bad, T1 CEO Joe Marsh had to step in and warn unruly fans that there would be consequences should they continue.

T1 warns fans not to threaten the LoL teamT1/Twitter
T1’s CEO warned fans that threats would not be tolerated.

Writing that while criticism of coaching decisions was natural, the team would not tolerate harassment in any form.

“If the onslaught of violent virtual attacks continues, we will explore legal action to put an end to it,” his statement ended, which clearly fell on deaf ears.

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Following T1’s latest announcement that it would be pursuing legal action, Marsh noted that he warned the perpetrators.

“We asked nicely a few weeks back. We said we would take action. We said we would do anything to protect our players, coaches and staff. We say what we mean and we mean what we say,” he said.

It’s unclear exactly what form of action is being taken, but it’s clear that T1 is not to be messed with. While the team is accepting of criticism – as they should be – they’re willing to go to great lengths to defend its LoL members.

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