T1 staff accuse LCK of showing favoritism toward other teams

T1 accuses LCK of favoring other teamsColin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

A tweet from the official LCK Twitter account was posted to start some banter with MAD Lions, rooting them in their matchup against T1. Staff at T1 have since called out those running the account for favoring other teams.

It’s common practice for esports organizations and leagues to use their social media presence in a way that helps build hype for upcoming matches. Having a strong social media presence is great for both parties, and generating hype only brings in more viewers.

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The LCK Twitter account had a short exchange with the MAD Lions, with both teams rooting for Gen.G to win over G2. The LCK account responded in kind, teasing a match between Gen.G and MAD which would only happen at that stage if T1 lost their initial MSI 2023 match.

This seemingly innocuous tweet exploded on Twitter, with fans of T1 calling out the league for making comments that favor their team to lose. And now T1 staffers have joined in on the conversation, calling out the LCK for favoritism.

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T1 staff feel that comments made by LCK Twitter are “wrong”

There are few esports organizations that have the international reach of T1, and much of that reach stems from having Faker signed to their League of Legends team combined with their consistently strong performance both domestically and internationally.

The popularity of this organization comes along with a massive fanbase, one passionate enough to have a history of spending hundreds of dollars on sending trucks with massive billboard messages attached to them to regularly swarm LoL Park, the place where the majority of LCK matches take place.

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It was no surprise to see fans swarm a tweet that teased MAD Lions had a chance at beating T1.

With the tweet having over 2 million views at the time of writing, it has significantly more viewership than any other part of the interaction between the two orgs. So much so that some T1 staff have caught wind of it.

A report from Cookie News contained comments from T1 staff, along with a statement from T1’s COO Ahn Woong-ki. He told Cookie News his opinion about the tweet:

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“I think the culture of exchanging witty tweets is an element that will add fun to the esports fandom, and I have always evaluated it positively. However, as T1’s COO and a fan, I don’t think it can be dismissed as a joke or a mistake that he took a position that seemed to support a certain club on the league’s official account.”

T1’s general manager Jeong Hoi-yoo chimed in, saying “Isn’t this a bit wrong?” in response. Clearly, T1’s staff isn’t happy with the comment from the official LCK Twitter account. That said, the tweet has been left up for a few days now at the time of writing, and the League hasn’t yet retracted the tweet or addressed the controversy.

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