Soraka is League’s most broken champion after recent ult rework, but not for long

Soraka LoL patch 11.19 nerfs after becoming League's most broken championRiot Games

The numbers are in: Soraka is now League of Legends’ best champion ⁠— at least in support ⁠— thanks to her insane LoL patch 11.18 ultimate rework. However, the Starchild will not be the top dog for long, with sizable nerfs planned for the next update.

Soraka’s “super-healer” identity in League of Legends has often had one big counter: Grievous Wounds. Healing cut items like Morellonomicon put the Starchild in her place.

However, in LoL patch 11.18, everything changed. Her first major balance change since patch 11.4 gave her the ability to cleanse Grievous Wounds with her ultimate, Wish.

It might seem like a small change, but it has transformed the enchanter from mediocre to definitively the best champion in League of Legends.

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Celestine Soraka splash art for League of LegendsRiot Games
If you weren’t playing Soraka, now’s the time to start picking her again.

Soraka’s win rate of 53.46% is the second highest in the support role, behind Amumu at 53.56%. Her win rate grew by 2.5% too, the highest in the latest update, allowing her to overtake Sona.

However, with her pick rate now in the top 10 (up to 7.80% from 4.73%), the mix of both has transformed Soraka into a LP-gaining machine at all ranks.

The power given to her with the cleanse has opened up a world of possibilities for not only Soraka, but her teammates.

Because it cleanses Grievous Wounds, all healing is increased until it’s reapplied. Drain tanks like Aatrox, Olaf, and Sylas, mages like Vladimir and Swain, and heavy-healing AD carries like Samira and Draven have been able to make the most of the changes too.

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The Soraka buffs don’t just help her: Her healing-dependent allies also benefit from the cleanse.

Stars hear me: Soraka nerfs coming ahead of Worlds

Without changes, Soraka would most definitely be making her presence known at Worlds 2021. However, in the upcoming “Worlds update”, League patch 11.19, Soraka is getting reined in a bit.

Nerfs to the base heal on her ultimate will reduce its potency after the cleanse goes through.

However, with the cleanse remaining for the time being, it’s likely Soraka will be a top-tier pick for the patches to come, so there’s no better time to pick up the Starchild for some easy LP.

Soraka nerfs for LoL patch 11.19

R: Wish

  • Base heal: 150/250/350 >>> 130/215/300