Sona rework turns League enchanter into strongest support

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Sona received a mini-rework in League of Legends, and now she’s the highest win rate support dominating high levels of play.

Sona became somewhat of an afterthought when Seraphine was released in October 2020. Seraphine was seen to be able to do everything Sona could, like shield teammates and apply crowd control to enemies, but better.

Riot felt the same way, and in patch 11.16 Riot reworked Sona to be a bit stronger and stand out on her own. But, they may have cranked up the strength a bit too high on her, as Sona is now the strongest support champion in the game by a long shot.

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DJ Sona skin for League of LegendsRiot Games
Sona is dominating all levels of play after being reworked.

Sona’s win rate skyrockets

On League of Legends current patch 11.18, Sona is the highest win rate support champion for Platinum+ levels of play for champions picked above 1% of games globally in solo queue. According to lolalytics, a LoL stat tracking site, Sona currently has a 54.14% win rate.

sona wr

In fact, Sona finished both patches 11.16 and 11.17 number one in win rate for support champions. The mini-rework she received was clearly a massive success, and completed what Riot wanted to do when they altered her kit.

With her new passive, Accelerando, she now has access to an insane amount of Ability Haste that allows her to rotate through her spells extremely fast. Her strength also comes from her core items, Moonstone Renewer and Redemption, which have both been buffed with the last few League of Legends patches.

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With her win rate consistently above 53-54%, it’s likely we’ll see some nerfs in the future. LoL’s next patch, 11.19, will be the final one before Worlds 2021 kicks off.