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Riot locks in Sona mini-rework for LoL Season 11 to “cement hyperscaling fantasy”

Published: 27/Mar/2021 4:35

by Andrew Amos


Sona had center-stage taken away from her in League of Legends by both Seraphine and the Season 11 item rework. Now though, the Maven of the Strings is set to make an encore, with Riot buffing her in a mini-rework slated for the near future.

Runeterra’s songstress Sona fell out of favor with players pretty rapidly in Season 11. Despite being a core part of the Season 10 meta with her Spellthief’s strategy alongside Lux, the item rework, plus the release of Seraphine, wiped her relevance.

Sona is just an ostensibly weaker version of Seraphine. Her ultimate isn’t as powerful, her abilities do less while costing more mana, and in basically every situation, the Piltovan K/DA star is better than Demacia’s finest.


DJ Sona skin for League of Legends
Riot Games
Sona might make another League renaissance if these changes are shipped.

Sona currently has a 49.07% win rate with only a 0.65% pick rate, according to OP.GG. Those stats make her one of the worst supports in League of Legends.

However, Riot are looking to bring her back to life. She is getting a mini-rework in League of Legends Season 11 in an attempt to make her a meaningful enchanter without being forced to farm.

“Preseason’s itemization changes have not been great to Sona. At the same time, she is supposed to feel rewarded to play with allies, but her current mana restore mechanics are more framed as punishments for not doing that,” developer Jeevun Sidhu told players in a March 26 tweet.


The same team who worked on the recent Samira, Akali, and Xin Zhao overhauls are also testing changes with Sona.

They are removing the mana refund mechanics on her basic abilities and lowering her mana costs to compensate for it. She is also losing her ultimate passive, which decreases her basic ability cooldowns by 10/25/40%.

Instead, she is now getting a bonus Resonance passive. When Sona’s basic abilities hit a champion, she stacks permanent Ability Haste to a cap. It will then be converted to bonus AP once the cap is hit.

“What we’re hoping for here is to buff Sona and cement her hyperscaling fantasy in a way that doesn’t solely rely on needing lane farm,” Sidhu added.


The changes likely won’t land on League patch 11.7, penciled in for March 31. League of Legends patch 11.8 in mid-April is more realistic, but Sidhu has said there’s no guarantee these changes will ship.