SKT Faker destroys LoL opponents with perfect Azir 1v4

Kamil Malinowski
L: Akshon Esports / R: Riot Games

Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok once again showed why he’s considered to be the greatest mid-laner of all time with an incredible 1v4.

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League of Legends pro Faker showed off his godlike mechanics while streaming, decimating his opponents with one of his signature champions, Azir.

A clip of the Korean’s amazing play quickly gained popularity on Reddit, with fans struggling to believe that something of such caliber was even possible.

Riot Games
Azir is one of Faker’s signature champions.
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The play began with Faker’s Azir on just 20% HP and deep in the enemy jungle. Things already seemed tough for him as the enemy Neeko and Ezreal arrived to attempt to finish him off.

However, the SKT mid wouldn’t go down without a fight. A quick Arise followed by a Conquering Sands melted Neeko before another Arise and Conquering Sands combo saw the Ezreal lose over 60% of his HP, all while Faker was dodging various skill shots.

Riot Games
Faker showed his outstanding mechanical skill with this play.

Then, the enemy Pike arrived, ready to execute a wounded Faker. The SKT mid predicted Pike’s ultimate and dodged with a Shifting Sands, immediately followed by an Emperor’s Divide to finish off the Ezreal.

Again, he made use of the Arise and Conquering Sands combo to destroy his opponent, with the Pyke falling in seconds. At this point, the enemy Irelia had arrived and was ready to finish the fight.

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It was still not enough, however, as Faker dodged Irelia’s stun with a perfectly timed Flash and used his Exhaust to keep himself alive. From there all it took was a few hits from Azir’s soldiers to take down Irelia, and complete the amazing 1v4. 

The community was mesmerized by this play, with fans throwing a slew of praise Faker’s way. 

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“Faker’s Azir is one of a kind. It boggles my mind the limits he pushes this champ to and actually pulls it off with such finesse” said Mendwings on Reddit.

It’s difficult to disagree with this statement as watching Faker is nothing short of magical. Hopefully, we will see more amazing gameplay from Faker in the future.