Is Silco coming to League of Legends? Riot addresses rumors after TFT addition

Silco looking at shimmer in lab in League of Legends ArcaneRiot Games

Silco’s star showing in Arcane had the Zaun underlord winning League of Legends fans over. After a surprise TFT addition ahead though, Riot has addressed rumors the crime boss could be coming to League of Legends ⁠— and it’s not good news for fans.

Arcane, the hit TV show, has inspired many players to jump into League of Legends for the first time. It’s brought veterans back, and added a pep into the MOBA’s step ahead of Season 12.

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There’s already a cast of characters from Arcane that exist in League of Legends: Of course, sisters Jinx and Vi who are the center of the story, as well as Caitlyn, Jayce, Viktor, Heimerdinger, Singed, and Ekko.

One big omission, to new players, is the undercity leader in Silco. While a key part of the show’s story, he isn’t a playable champion in League of Legends.

Players want that to change, pushing Riot to adapt the villain into the MOBA. Silco is already coming to Teamfight Tactics (TFT), the League of Legends autobattler spinoff, after all.

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Silco in ArcaneRiot Games via Netflix
Zaun crime lord Silco emerged from Arcane’s run as a fan favorite.

There is one big question though: What would Silco even do as a League of Legends champion? Riot doesn’t have the answer to that yet, and as such, the leader of the Undercity isn’t coming to Summoner’s Rift any time soon.

“His silhouette, for one, would not even be close to passing our unique silhouette bar, which is very important for gameplay clarity in [League of Legends],” lead champion producer Ryan ‘Reav3’ Mireles said on Reddit.

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“He also doesn’t have a clear source of power that would translate into a good League kit.

“We could attempt to solve both of those problems, but in doing so he would likely be so different from who he was in the show that he wouldn’t be the character everyone fell in love with anymore.”

Silco staring at camera in ArcaneRiot Games
Riot will consider adding Silco to League of Legends once they figure out how he can fit into the champion roster.

However, the door isn’t exactly closed on Silco making it into League of Legends as a champion. “Not saying we will never bring Silco to League of Legends, just that we currently don’t have any plans to do it,” Reav3 stated.

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It comes after the developers stated they would consider exploring the potential of porting Arcane characters into League of Legends.

“With how much Arcane has resonated with so many players and viewers, the Champs team is definitely excited to explore characters from Arcane,” Mireles said back in November, “as long as they actually make sense in our MOBA setting.”

With Riot already having mapped out the next two champions ⁠— the first of which is expected to launch early in 2022 ⁠— it might be a while yet until your Arcane favorites are playable in League of Legends.

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