Scuffed League gameplay shows how LoL could play on a Nokia phone and it’s abysmal

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League of Legends is a beautiful game filled with intricate map design to minute details with its champions. Of course, one Reddit user decided that none of that mattered and rendered the entire game down to the size of a thumbnail.

League of Legends has some of the most intricate art in the world of gaming. Whether it’s in the level of detail on champion skins which render each character in glorious form, or in the design of the map, which is crafted to easily guide players from lane to lane with no visual distractions.

The team at Riot has done a world-class job with the art in League. This leaves some to wonder why anyone would ever want to ruin that by running it through a screen so small that the mouse icon takes up a quarter of the viewable area.

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That’s exactly what one Reddit user has seemingly done by trying to show what League would look like on a Nokia 1220, a block cellphone released in 2003.

Playing League of Legends on a Nokia cellphone

While this isn’t exactly what the game would look like – the Nokia 1220 features a black and white display for one, and has different dimensions from this clip – it is a pretty close approximation.

The problem here isn’t with the claim of it being accurate to Nokia though, it’s about why someone would ever do this in the first place.

One commenter summed the whole thing up nicely with a riff of Jeff Goldblum’s famous quote from Jurassic Park: “We spent so long figuring out if we could, we never stopped to think if we should…”

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There are so many excellent details that are simply crushed by this Nokia phone illusion.

Some people couldn’t help but take shots at the teammates that they’ve had over the years. There was a range of different insults and barbs but the most relatable one comes from u/Amduwatt who said “so you are the ADC in my every second game.”

This concept is absolutely absurd, but it brought a good laugh to everyone who has stumbled across it. I think it’s safe to say that this method of making the game portable won’t be replacing Wild Rift anytime soon.