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Riot teases major Fighter item changes coming in League Season 12

Published: 17/Dec/2021 20:16

by Lawrence Scotti


Riot Games dropped a blog post updating fans on their plans for League of Legends Season 12, including a hint that major Fighter item changes are on the way.

The start of Season 12 is less than a month away, and the hype for a new season on Summoner’s Riot is starting to build.

Already having introduced two new dragons to the map, there are even more changes on the way including alterations to popular bruiser and fighter items.

Elderwood Gnar from League of Legends.
Riot Games
League of Legends Season 12 is fast approaching.

League Season 12 brings more item changes

The blog post, written by new League of Legends gameplay designer Riot Axes and published on December 17, detailed how the company plans on handling changes to the game in Season 12 in the short term and long term.


One of the more notable changes coming to the Rift is changes to fighter items like Sterak’s Gage.

Axes said they are changing the item as it has become a ” universal purchase” and it ends up “washing out the differences between bruisers (like Darius or Illaoi) versus light fighters (like Fiora or Irelia).”

He also added adjustments to Maw of Malmortious and Death’s Dance would be coming “so that champions moving off Sterak’s will have adequate alternatives.”

Resistance Illaoi in League of Legends
Riot Games
Illaoi is a champion that buys Sterak’s Gage in nearly every game.

Riot Axes clarified that there is no release date yet for these fighter item changes, but to look for them in the first half of 2022.


The update also shared their plans outside of the item adjustments. Riot will be monitoring the Chemtech Drake and its map alterations, as well as upcoming changes to Janna and Ahri.

They also revealed that the revisions to the Teleport summoner spell they’ve been testing in the Public Beta Environment will hit Summoner’s Rift in patch 12.1.