Riot shows wholesome interaction between Lil Nas X and Faker

Lil Nas X meeting FakerRiot Games

Riot Games has released a behind-the-scenes feature showing Lil Nas X collaborating with the developer on the League of Legends 2022 World Championship anthem, opening ceremony and meeting the game’s greatest player of all time in Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok.

Riot Games has partnered with performers before to bring hype and music to its international events, but the developer’s collaboration with Lil Nas X was the first time a performer was integrated heavily into the promotion and marketing for the event and the game itself.

Lil Nas X famously did some short, comedic skits in collaboration with Riot ahead of his appearance and release of his song for the Worlds tournament. The singer was even animated into the music video for the Worlds 2022 anthem “STAR WALKIN’.”

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But maybe his biggest collaboration of all came thanks to a meeting with the game’s greatest player.

Lil Nas X meets Faker ahead of Worlds 2022 grand final

In the 11-minute video released on Riot channels, Lil Nas X went to San Fransisco, California for the opening ceremony of Worlds 2022. While he was there, he met with T1 who were getting ready to play in the grand final of the event.

While taking photos with the team, Lil Nas X put his arm around Faker at one point during the photo shoot and told the player that he heard the South Korean competitor was the best to ever play the game.

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“Yes,” Faker said. “Thank you.”

T1, Lil Nas X and singer Jackson Wong also took photos together in the video ahead of media day for the final match of the world championship.

The video also covers Lil Nas X and the various skits he performed for Riot to promote the international tournament including becoming president of League of Legends. The artist also helped Riot create a new skin for the newest League of Legends champion K’Sante.

The video concluded with the singer’s performance at the Chase Center before T1 and DRX came on stage to battle it out for the Summoner’s Cup. T1 and Faker would end up losing the grand final 3-2 with DRX taking the trophy home in dramatic fashion.

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