Riot set to combat LoL player toxicity with new report function debuting in Patch 13.8

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The developer of the hit MOBA League of Legends, Riot Games, has found a new way to combat player toxicity, the ability to report players via match history will join the game in Patch 13.8.

League of Legends has been known as one of the most toxic games out there, inspiring some of the most vulgar and inappropriate language known to mankind. Take five complete strangers and pit them against five other complete strangers in a test of capability, teamwork, and strategy, and there are sure to be certain words flying around the rift.

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The developer of the MOBA, Riot Games, has spent quite some time investing in various tools and ways to mitigate the effects of toxicity within the game. These efforts have included the recent automatic muting and banning systems all the way back to the Tribunal in the earliest days of the game.

Riot continues its ongoing effort to minimize toxicity within the game, constantly investigating new ways it can better protect the game’s community. One of these new ways is about to be implemented in Patch 13.8, with the introduction of a new reporting function.

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Riot will be looking to combat toxicity in Patch 13.8 of League of Legends.

Riot introduces report function in player match history

In Patch 13.8, players will be able to report others via their own match history. Players will be able to right-click on the toxic player’s row in the match history and report them there. This means that players can report any recent teammate or opponent within their last 20 games, making reporting more accessible if players were to leave the after-match statistic screen.

Reporting in League of Legends is one of the only ways players are able to send feedback to Riot about toxicity in their game, and often times can result in punishment if the player sees enough reports on their account. Conversely, it is possible for players to potentially troll this system, however, it’s unlikely adding this feature will change this.

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